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My baby is turning two in just a few days from now! I just can’t contain my feelings that I’ve been holding and hugging my baby for 2 years now. I am so thankful for this precious life and I wouldn’t have trade anything in the whole world for this amazing experience. Lately I have… Continue reading Twoddler


Hard to break the habit

Well jokes on me. I thought that everything is okay, but turns out, the habit is still there. It's been a year. I hoped and wished that everything is now in the past but no not yet, it is still happening. Sometimes, I hate my gut feeling. Sometimes, I wish that I don't feel anything.… Continue reading Hard to break the habit

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Something’s been bothering me for the longest time

I've been busy recently juggling motherhood and work. It's really tiring but Mason has been a ball of happiness and I just can't get enough of him. I think we have a love-hate relationship. One moment I hate him because he's so stubborn and all over the place but the next minute we're cuddling, kissing… Continue reading Something’s been bothering me for the longest time