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Have you ever?

Have you ever had the feeling where you know that something is bound to happen, that something is about to end but then you still hope that somehow everything will turn the other way?

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Leap year

It's the last day of february. It's the 29th and this is supposed to be our first leap year monthsary. I don't know why but I'm seriously nervous for this coming weekend. It will be a long one for sure. I know we are not together anymore. That he decided to end it up and… Continue reading Leap year

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I’m back.

When I was a child, when me and my sister was still in good terms,  she taught me that I should make Reading as my hobby. She would always buy me books and magazines to read. I was 6 years old when she started buying me books, magazines and even song books. She would save… Continue reading I’m back.


Vanessa Anne Hudgens

  If you're a close friend of mine, you know that I really love Vanessa Anne Hudgens. I like her music and her perfect face! But, aside from those things, I definitely like her style! Her style is just being herself but the comfort and the preppy,funk and chic style is still there. You might… Continue reading Vanessa Anne Hudgens

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Running in circles

I'm confused. I honestly don't know how to feel right now. Breaking up with the person that you cared about for 3 years is never easy. We have experienced breaking up for at least 3 times. But each time is different. And this time, I'm confused and worried that I might dwell on this heart… Continue reading Running in circles



This year, I promised myself that If I have a chance and time I would go to different places and just be mesmerized by the awesome scenery it can offer. I want to explore new things and gain new experiences. Wanderlust. A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.… Continue reading Wanderlust


Are you the person you’d thought you’d be at this age?

    Big no. When I was younger, I was imagining myself at this age. From what I remembered, I saw myself as a successful women with a good job or career and just being happy. I thought that by this time, I would be able to cope with my father really well. That I… Continue reading Are you the person you’d thought you’d be at this age?