Are you the person you’d thought you’d be at this age?



Big no. When I was younger, I was imagining myself at this age. From what I remembered, I saw myself as a successful women with a good job or career and just being happy. I thought that by this time, I would be able to cope with my father really well. That I will be able to go everywhere I want, meet different people and be in an amazing relationship. That I was happy and confident. But, I guess I was wrong. haha! Jokes on me but I was more than what I thought I would be. Yes, my career right now is a mess, I still don’t know where and what to do but because of that I became hopeful and hardworking. Yes, I still have troubles with my father but I’m learning how to handle stressful situations with him. I learned how to listen and just understand him. Lastly, I fell in love and got my heart broken. It is really painful but atleast I know now what to do next time that I fall in love. Everything is not what I expected it to be but I learned and It helped me to be a better person. Better than I thought I would be.


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