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My lips are sealed

I'm trying to keep my mouth shut. I don't want to cause a scene. I don't want to start a fight. I'm keeping my feelings down and my lips tightly sealed. Not going to nag anymore. I'm tired of that. I want to be as mature as possible. Keeping things chill and easy. So, if… Continue reading My lips are sealed

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Why do people leave just like that and come again into your life like nothing really happened? It's really confusing. As we know, people leave and it's for a reason. So when they return is it still for a reason? Do you need to welcome them again and start a clean slate? The reason may… Continue reading Why?


Everything- Chloe Peterson

I love this version. Sweet voice.


I wish

Maybe one day they can invent a drug that’ll be able to permanently suppress and make you forget every bad memory you’ve ever had. It’s like brainwash almost except that you can select what parts of your life you want to let go of and what parts you’d like to leave intact. Then maybe finally… Continue reading I wish


I can forgive, only hoping as time goes I can forget.

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Finally watched it!

I was finally able to watch The Hunger Games yesterday at Glorietta. I must say that I dig the movie better than the book! I think, Jennifer Lawrence really fits the role as Katniss Everdeen. She looks so sensitive and naive yet she moves like a I just wish Peeta Mellark was a bit… Continue reading Finally watched it!

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Adventure park

We went to Global Gutz, Marikina last Saturday. I went with my two co-workers. Anna and Karen. First, we tried the Zipline! Here we are on the act. My first time to try the zipline, and I enjoyed it! I want to do it 7 times a week!hahaha Next is paintball. I was not happy… Continue reading Adventure park