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Laugh your heart out

Yesterday night was a blast! Full of giggles and laughs. We watched Rex Navarrete's show at Resorts World Manila Performing arts. I was in awe because the place was really good and it's a high class kind of place. It was also my first time to watch a live comedy act onstage. When I found… Continue reading Laugh your heart out

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Going back

This is my third time at Ecopark and this time, we decided to try something new! We tried fishing and we went to the Butterfly haven. We were supposed to Wall climb but it was so hot and we're already sweaty walking around so what more if we try to climb a wall. I was… Continue reading Going back

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pay day

Last pay day, we ate out and had a great bonding time. We decided to go to Bonchon, as you know, Bonchon¬†Chicken is a South Korean-based fried chicken franchise restaurant. I was not really satisfied with what I ate, but all the talk made me so full.   After eating at Bonchon, we went to… Continue reading pay day

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Supa girls

Supa girls

photo of me and Karen wearing superhero logo shirts. Mine is Superman and hers is Batman. Karen has been one of my closest friend in Epi. We became close just recently. She very nice even though sometimes she looks snobbish and older. hehe. Unfortunately, tomorrow is her last day at the office. She decided to resign a month ago. I'll surely miss her. =(

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Easter Sunday

Had a wonderful bonding time with Biggs last Sunday. Ate at Teriyaki boy. Curry Ika Fry Chuuka Ramen And Katsudon. (blurry photo. sorry!)

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Black Saturday

It was one risk taking Saturday. I went out with my two super close friends. We ate at Eat and Go. It was like Chicken World. The only difference was they were serving different kinds of dishes while Chicken World focuses mainly on chicken. Here's the Waldorf salad. My fish fingers and pepper rice with… Continue reading Black Saturday


Leddra Chapman – Summer Song

Reminds me of falling leave, midnight kisses and sunny skies. =))