the promise that never happened

Can anyone help me find her a boyfriend? Oh well, I know she only got one man on her mind right now. hehehe =)


My Random Convo with my dearest friend and fellow blogger Naiz a.k.a silly bluff.

Scene: We were so tired after shopping all day we decided to grab a bite. While eating…

(we call each other, ming! it’s like our bff code)

Naiz: Ming, Is it so weird that I have never been to Manila Ocean Park?

Me: No, not at all. I’ve never been there too. I mean, I went there once with my co-workers but we only ate in the resto, I’ve never been inside as well.

Naiz: Really? Maybe one of this days, I’ll go there.

Me: Ming, Yah, or maybe when I finally have bf, we’ll all go, you and your bf, and me and my future bf? lol. How about that?  Promise you won’t go there until I have a bf then the 4 of us can go?

Naiz: No, Ming. Never mind. I don’t think I can wait…

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You can never be overdressed

Since it’s my Birthday..Image

Yes, it’s still my birthday, so please allow me to have a lookbook style photo in here. Lol

This is what I wore today.

I bought this floral satin top for only 50 Pesos, jeggings for just 150 pesos, an owl necklace for 70 Pesos and shoes for 150 Pesos. Talk about dress for less huh?!

The night is not yet done but I had a wonderful day today. My loving boyfriend gave a Secosana Bag. Just what I’ve been thinking! He can read my mind. I swear! hahaha! Cheers!

one of the best birthday present ever. Friendship ♥


Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things that I should blog about. I wanted to be able to write about anything under the sun. I don’t want to be known as the blogger who only writes the sappy parts of her life. I wanted to write about life itself not only the sad partsof it but also the HAPPY MOMENTS of my it, especially the HAPPY MOMENTS!

So know I decided to write one NOW!


Last Friday,one of my dearest friend, Naiz, asked us to dinner, It was her advance celebration for her 24th birthday. (Her birthday is actually today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAIZ!) Naiz, is my college friend and 3 years after graduation we’re sill close as ever, we see each other once in awhile and we always talked on the phone or through SMS. We also have this other friend named PONG, the three of us…

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