The girls guide to hunting and fishing

When I first saw this book, I thought that this was really about how to catch and get a guy fall in love with a girl. But, it was not what I expected it to be about. It was much better.
I have to say that the cover and title seduced me. But, the story had a different effect on me. I can’t say that I didn’t like it but it was somehow worth reading for me.

β€œIt occurred to me that the quiet in the suburbs had nothing to do with peace.”

The girls guide to hunting and fishing, for me focuses on another identity crisis. It’s about Jane Rosenal and how she worked way from defiant teenager to a reluctant career girl, growing older and getting smarter, Jane maneuvers her way through love, sex, relationships, and the occasional upsides and downturns of the workplace. She reluctantly succumbs to the questionable advice offered in a pop-psych book entitled How to Meet and Marry Mr. Right.
It’s made up of short stories, snapshots of main character’s life. Even though the stories were quick I felt like I got this wonderful portrait of the character Jane.
I think, Melissa Bank uses the cute analogy of “hunting and fishing” to relate to the process of finding oneself and one’s soulmate.
All in all, I was a little confused because some of the thoughts in the stories were not elaborated very well, but the one liners and the ideas knocked me upside the head.

Dreams say what they mean

Lately, I’ve been having such weird dreams and whenever I had a dream, I always try to decipher, interpret or give meanings to my own dreams. Sometimes, I also ask some of my friends but still they come out undone.

My dreams usually varies from different situations and sometimes I get multiple dreams in one night. And that makes me more confused. So, while wondering about what my dreams means, I tried looking for some answers through the internet. I found this siteΒ They explained the meaning of dreams in a more simple way, according to them, your brain mind and spirit, while at rest “review” and analysis in it’s own way long term, short term and spirit memory. It kicks around emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions and interactions of the short term memory. It has in it’s background the trends of your life and philosophy to influence it. Your mind is also processing spiritual data, your beliefs, whether or not you violated them, your information gained through psychic intuition (we ALL have this to a certain degree) and of course, any communication from God. ALL THIS data, as well as your subconscious “reading between the lines” of what people do and tell you, is then processed unsupervised by you! All this data is a form of chaos, and your mind (like seeing images in wood grain or clouds) puts it all together in a form of visual “screenplay”, a medley of sight, sound,emotion and imagined interactivity. The end result is…. You guessed it, a dream!

So, based on this, dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a premonition of what will happen or what is about to happen but it’s a summary of all the factors of your life and spirits and how you feel about them.

Like one of my friends say, maybe I was just thinking so hard about my problems and solutions to those problems. I guess, she’s right. Right now I’ve been having phases of vulnerabilities and these includes my family and career problems. Maybe I was just pondering too much on these things. I think thatΒ The best thing about dreams is that it is a fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy and you really felt that it’s the reality, it’s magic! Unless the dream is disappointing though, I wouldn’t think about it that way.

Oh well, I just hope these dreams will not become nightmares!