Smart Women, Foolish choices

Fortunately, I saw this just days ago while we were cleaning and taking out all the old books, clothes and things of my sister in her room.

I noticed that she really has plenty of books and all of them were almost worn out.

I just picked out some books that I think may be able to survive another reading. hehe.

Smart Women, Foolish Choices: Finding the right men. Avoiding the wrong ones, was published in 1986.

This book is just in time and what I needed for the moment. So far, I’m liking this book. I think this is the first non-novel/story kind of book that I have read.  Fun to read after a break up.

“It is written by two male clinical psychologists Dr. Connell Cowan and Dr. Melvyn Kinder. This book will get you to look at your self-defeating behaviors so you might gain some insight into your “love-defeating” attitudes and stereotypes. These authors tell us why smart women are drawn to the wrong men, and they will tell you how to have realistic expectations for our relationships.”

What I like about this book is that the writers are men and they gave advices for females on what they should do and how to understand men. Unusual huh? In this book, they gave many examples and different situations. For example, this book tells you about 4 basic bad guys to avoid, also how to move on and when to let go.  The book consists of two parts, the first one is about being Foolish, it’s about the wrong choices and decisions women make and how it leads to failure and the second part is about Getting smart, this is where they give advices on the things that you must do and to understand how to manage those foolish choices especially with men and how to find a “Diamond in the rough”.  I particularly love the part where they showed the differences between Longing and Loving — how longing is often misunderstood as Love.

I would totally recommend this especially to those girls who are having a hard time with their personal and relationship status. This will give you a very realistic view on relationships and social ideas.

“But it’s crucial for a woman to realize that she was not simply a respondent in the relationship, but half of the reason for the chemistry. Without her, the magic would not have existed.”

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