What’s in my bag?

What's on my bag?

I’m one of those disorganized person that you will ever know. I’m lazy when it comes to cleaning or arranging my things especially inside my bag. I just put everything inside and I’m off.

Today, I did some cleaning and here are the things that you would usually see inside my bag, I think that this will also give you an idea of me as a person.haha!

First is the Umbrella, I hate bringing an umbrella or even using one. But, I have no choice because it’s rainy season already so I have to bring this all the time.
As you can see, I also bring tissue, yes a bathroom tissue. I don’t know if it’s bad to use on the face but I do. I don’t bring a handkerchief with me because I always lose them. So, I just settled with tissue, but the problem now is I tend to use too much of it and sometimes I throw the used ones inside the bag. Gross?haha!

The small bottle with green cap, it’s my cologne. I don’t use perfumes because the smell is too strong, I like to smell as natural as possible. It’s has double purpose for me, I sometimes use it as an alternate for ethyl alcohol.

The red one is my ponytail, I bought it just recently because I lost my last one. I chose red color because I bought it during my birthday.

I have natural curls and now that my hair are growing, more natural curls are coming out and they are very hard to manage, so for those who also has curly or wavy hair like mine, I would totally recommend for you to bring a Hair polish, mine’s Vitress.

Here in the Philippines there are so many mobile companies. But, I’m not really particular with phones (I’m not a techie person), as long as I can call and text or even use wifi, I’m already fine with it. I have two sim cards so I needed to use two cellphones. The yellow one is Dual sim however, it’s mouthpiece is broken now so I have to use my other phone. I’m still thinking of buying a new one.

My house key! My house key is with a Mahjong keychain, my brother made that using a real Mahjong piece. I need to bring it all the time because most of the time there are no people here in our house so no one would open the door for me.

Usb, I don’t usually bring this one but today, I did because I needed to save some files from the office.

My Philips MP3 with A4tech earphones, he’s name is choco, my boyfriend gave it to me, I think almost 2 years ago. I’m not sure but I remember it was his Christmas gift for me. That time, I was planning to buy an Ipod, because I got my ipod shuffle broken back when I was still in the University, since then I’ve been using my phone to listen to music. So, since I was bragging about how I wanted to have an MP3, he suprisingly bought me one. It’s very durable maybe because of it’s size and weight.

Nichido matte lipstick and concealer. I’ve been using Nichido matte lisptick for 5 months now, I used to have just a lip tint because I always look really pale, but they always fade off really fast so I changed into a lipstick.

Maybelline Natural face powder, I love this face powder because it’s not sticky on the face unlike my past face powder. And lastly, Vicks! Hehehe! I just recently bought this because I always feel a little dizzy, especially when I ride buses and taxis, I’m not liking the smell of their aircon so I need to bring this.

So there, just a few things that keeps me going everyday.  Hey! what’s in your bag?