Bloggers United 3

Today, I went to the Third Bloggers United with Kae. It’s my first time to go there because the last time they held it at Taguig and it was really far from my place. As you know, I like shopping at Thrift stores so I went there and I tried my luck finding a Maong Vest but I failed. However, I really had fun because I met new people and I saw another favorite Fashion Blogger Anastasia Siantar a.k.a The Brown Platform! She flew all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia. She looks like a doll!

Here are the pictures inside the Bazaar.






We came 5pm so most of the good stuffs were gone. Almost all the clothes are branded and they’reΒ sold at a very cheap price.

Here are some of Β the booths:

Here we are looking for something to buy..

So since I was not able to buy or see a Maong Vest, I just bought a red

Tank top with laces and a Cardigan for Biggy, so that he can wear it at the office or at work. =)

I loved the freebies too. So there, it was a blast . =)

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