Belt them over the head

Back when I was in grade school and highschool, I never wore any kind of headband or head dresses. That time my hair was really like a mophead, so I think, even headbands can’t help me.

But, when my hair grew longer and I started straightening them I also started wearing headbands and bows. And since I know how to sew, I always make my own kinds of headband and turbans and I even planned on selling them. However, I did not push it through. I just make them for personal use.


Animal print head band


Polkadot print headband

All of these are garterized headband.

But this one is easier to make,


You’re just going to cut your garment and Β be sure to make it Β long (so that you can tie both ends) and sleek, then sew the sides.

Viola! Personalized Headbands. =)