Self Health persecution

Have you ever had that feeling like you are sick but  you hope that really not?

Like you feel pain all over your body, stomach ache, back ache, headache and you’re nauseous and no, you’re not making it up, you actually feel all those things but you try to hide it and ignore because you’re too scared to go to the doctor. You’re paranoid that they may find something unusual with you and your body. Like it’s something serious. You’re getting paranoid and try to shake it off at the same time. You’re trying to stay calm but whenever those pain comes by triggering your body again you panic and you experience heart palpitations.

I’ve been experiencing those things lately and I’m just too scared. My profession is Nursing but still I can’t handle my self whenever I’m sick and unhealthy.

Worth every penny

As I said, I’m always a fan of thrift stores and whenever I have money, I would make sure that I would visit any thrift store that I know. Last Tuesday, I was on a mission on finding a nice Denim Vest. But, instead I found more than what I wanted!

Since, I’m on my pursuit in finding a new job. I’m really needing a new blazer to use for interviews and other formal occassion.

So, with the help of my friend. I was able to find this:


I was also psyched when I saw a sweater that looks like what Ms. Prieto is wearing here:


photo c/o

I found this!


I almost got it right? It’s only 80 pesos!

And finally, I saw this really awesome Denim polo, which I almost did not buy because I was eyeing another striped polo but good thing, I changed my mind.


It’s really cool! Bought it for only 80 pesos too! What a deal!

I’m excited to use it, got some idea from


I used to spend too much on clothes and now that I know better, Thanks to thrift stores!

Ciao! Until the next shopping thrift, uh I mean trip! =)