An awkward kind of dinner

I just got home from a dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. I think, this one is really special and unforgettable because it’s our first time to be alone with them.

Ever since that I met his parents, I’ve always had this unexplainableย awkward feeling with them. I’m a very jolly and sociable person but when it comes to them ,I can’t even look straight to their eyes. I always get scared everytime that they open their mouth to speak or talk, it’s like I can sense that their going to say something negative about me. But, of course all of those things are just from my creative mind, they are truly nice people, I just can’t help but think of those things.

I know, sooner or later I will be able to surpass the awkwardness that I feel whenever I’m around them. I always try to be nice and I try not to embarrass myself or things like that. Soon, we will be able to share our feelings with no awkwardness.

*an awkward rant/post