That was the final straw

I just had a heart thumping and blood rising day. I’ve always been a believer of the saying, “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” I think, that’s just what I did today.

I’ve been working for that Online English Teaching center for Koreans (a Korean company) for 1 year and 3 months now. And as I said in past post I’ve already passed my resignation letter last month and this week is my last day. So, since it’s my last week, I’m trying to ask for some of the requests and privilege that I need to have before I end my stay there.  Yesterday, I asked them if I can get remaining my Service Incentive leave and convert it to cash but when I went to work today, I was devastated that they did not grant my request for a reason which I do believe is really invalid. I made some researches on the internet together with my co-workers and we found out that they are really wrong.

I got really angry and I told them that if they will not give me my remaining 2 days incentive leave, I will definitely bring this issue to DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment). My temper at that time was at an all time high and I cannot even contain myself anymore. I was so angry that I called DOLE immediately and asked about the problem and they just told me to file a complaint. Actually, that company has a lot of issues that they need to work on. There are so many instances that I believe they did not follow the Code of Labor here in the Philippines. I had a lot of questions but I chose not to talk or deal about it until today because of that occurrence. I guess, that precedent lead me to the idea of reporting them to DOLE. I was really mad that even those past issues that they did, I started to talk about and think  of ways in which I can tell it to DOLE.

When they saw how I freaked out with what happened they started talking to me and consoling me that they will try to fix the problem. Even the president talked to me but I was really at the verge of my madness that I’m not even listening to them anymore. All I want at that time is try to scare them and act as if I can do what they don’t want me to do at any moment and any time. I know they got really scared. I know that they are afraid that once DOLE come by and investigate about their company every fault and wrong doings will come out and they will be in real trouble. My co workers were really supportive at that time and they believed me (as they also experienced such things, but no one ever bothered to take a stand) and they are pursuing me to do that move.

Actually, I don’t really care now about them and their company, I’m resigning and I don’t really have to deal with them anymore and it’s not about the money either.  It’s just that, if they will continue those kinds of deceitful doings, the employees will just suffer. I think that this should be set as a sign for them to fix their system. I’m not sure where to start and how but what I do know is that they need to learn. I want to end all their nuisance. I know, I can’t do it easily and alone but I’ll really try just for the sake of those people involve. I think that, if they want to stay in this country for a long time, they need to follow our law and their company policy should always abide and be based on our Labor law.