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Even the most …

Even the most unlikely person can stab you from the back.

Today, I woke up feeling all so good because of the weather and the fact that I have no other errands to do. But, after a while, I had a sudden turn of my mood and everything went from lighthearted to devastated. All because of one online comment and a tweet.

Back when I saw her blog post, I made my reaction and just let that thing pass by, since I’m not sure if that’s exactly about me or not. This time, I felt really smeared because of her tweet that, I’m sure points directly to me.

I just can’t believe and I cannot understand why she’s doing and saying those things. I’m not even talking to her in particular about my posts but her reactions and the way she talks behind my back is just infuriating. I don’t even know her reasons and the things that she will gain by just insinuating me online.

What hurts the most is that she’s my friend, I treated her as one and it’s really funny to think that, we used to talk about a lot of things and she still talks sweetly to me but she makes remarks that only an enemy would do. So much that even social sites is being used to criticize your actions. I do that sometimes too, but I make sure that the person has no idea of what I’m talking about and would definitely not do that to a friend. Too bad for her because I know. Whatever her issues, I just hope she will have the guts to talk it out with me. It’s still not too late though but one last wrong move, I’ll definitely confront her.

Life takes your dreams and turns them upside down. Friends talk about you when youre not around. People make promises that they never keep and I’ve come to realize talk is cheap.


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New work, Old stuff: One great Person.

I dreamed a thousand new paths. . . I woke and walked my old one.

Everything that’s been happening in my life right now is all because of my continuous faith in Him. I’ve had some issues every now and then (actually most of the time) regarding my future and my career and it almost drove me crazy! I’ve been having struggling concerns whether I should pursue a different career or  get back to the Nursing field.

I almost gave up looking for a Nursing related job the day that I went and looked for a job that is related to my previous work. I was already in the building of the company that I was supposed to be applying for as an online English Teacher. But, right before I get inside the elevator, a Medical clinic contacted me and told me that I’ll have an interview in the afternoon, after receiving that text, I paused for a while and hurried out the lobby and rode a jeepney back to our house to prepare for that Interview. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I don’t know why, but after the interview with the HR and Branch Manager, I really hoped that everything will go in my favor and it did! Smile was all over my face when I told my family and my boyfriend.

I also had a problem (I get easily depressed and disturbed) when I was ask to visit a cardiologist because they had me pending due to some cardiac findings and it turned out that everything was normal and fine. Again, I thank Lord God for that. I know, he wouldn’t give me something if it’s not really for me. For that one month, He’s been my anchor on the times that I’ve almost given up. His name is in constant playlist on my mind.

Today, I received a text that I’ll have my orientation and will start working on Wednesday, I’m really anxious and scared because I haven’t been a nurse for so long now and after a year and months I’ll be back to my good ol’ days of being a Nurse. But, I’m delighted as ever because I’ll meet new people, new workplace and pursue the career that I’ve been wishing for and of course this is for my Mom, she really wants me to pursue this. Making her happy makes me happy. 

This is really a huge deal for me, even though it is not in the hospital, to have a work as a Nurse is truly a big thing, knowing that it is really difficult to find a work like this. It’s true that everything that you want and been dreaming for will come just as long as you keep your faith and endless prayers in Him (of course do not forget to work hard for it). You just have to wait because he’ll surely give it to you at the right time and moment. Mine’s one answered prayer. =)

A new morning means a new beginning, a new struggle, a new endeavor, but with the Lord by our side we can overcome any challenges and turn obstacles into stepping stones.

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Carelessly unaware

I’ve read something today and I’m not sure if that particular post from a friend (if she’s really a friend of mine because I’m suddenly having a change of heart) pertains also to me or not. Although some parts of the post is unrelated to her blog title, I think I was able to comprehend the vital parts of it well and I just had a sudden urge to write my feelings down, too. I believe I need to disclose my opinions and ideas regarding that post.

Yes, I know, I got a bit out of control when I shouted and made a scene with my manager and in front of the President of the company. Unprofessional, I know it is. But, sometimes when you’ve had enough, you lose your composure and you untimely get out of your shell. That’s what happened to me. I’m not perfect and I get angry too. I remember the time you said that you went hysterical at the school where you previously worked at because they were holding your supposed to be salary. See? No one’s impeccable and we get uncontrollable at times especially when we’re overwhelmed by raging emotions. It may be a minor reaction or a huge one, it makes no difference we’re all flawed. 

Let’s say your parents brought you up differently and in a nice manner, so do you have an exact idea on how my own parents brought me up? For you to compare our families just by the way we reacted on things?! I think, it’s just so unfair and unreasonable to do that. How people respond to things doesn’t necessarily depend on how they we’re taught by their parents. Do you even know the other factors of life and how a person develops?! A person’s personality and attitude is an end product of all experiences from his or her peers, environment and from the things that he or she sees from other person or even media. There’s a lot of considerations to put into mind not just how someone is being brought up by his or her parents. So please do not judge families or parents, because you don’t have an inkling idea about it.

Lastly, next time that you’re going to write, please write accordingly and make sure that the thoughts are in the appropriate places. Gather your ideas first before writing them down or better yet, read your post all over again and do proof reading or editing which ever way you’re comfortable with.

You were one of my few friends at work and I don’t even know now if we’re still like that. I just know that I can’t trust you now, I can’t talk to you like before and I can’t be with you because you’re the one who’s turning away from me, from us. You’ve become aloof and tactless. It’s all because of your insensitivity. 

I know, I don’t need to speak out, backfire or even answer your post because we don’t even know who’s the main person you’re talking about or if you’re pertaining to all of your past workmates. I just think, I need to let all my emotions come out because I’m a bit irritated with what you just did. However, it’s your blog post, I know you have your right to write everything that you want. On the other hand, this is also my blog and I can write anything and everything that’s on my train of thoughts. =)


The same old tricks keep generating new thrills.

If you spend more time fighting than laughing together, you need to realize you can find someone better for you. =)


I can’t even remember how many times we already fought and fussed for the same reason in the most absurd way. We always fight, we fight from the simplest reason to the huge ones. We fight whenever we’re hungry, when one of us is late, when we say bad things and when we get jealous (specifically me). But,  everything eventually becomes consigned from oblivion whenever we start to laugh and get silly. We can talk about frivolous things and just laugh at ourselves after. We don’t mind looking like a fool in front of other people as long as we make each other chuckle and convulsed into laughter. We play crazy and childish games and realize that we’re too old for it but still we continue to amuse ourselves. We hit on each other like first time lovers and we never fail to make each other grin and blush afterwards.

Still not sure with the future, but I’m sticking to my gut feeling that we’d still be together, not because we make each other laugh but because we appreciate happiness so much.

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Snake Charmer

So while browsing sites of some popular fashion bloggers in Indonesia, I stumbled upon Sonia Eryka’s site.

She has a very classic kind of beauty and she somewhat reminds me of zoey deschanel and dia frampton, I noticed a bit resemblance but I’m not so sure. haha! But, that’s how I see her.
What really got me impressed with her is her stunning voice! She looks so thin and small but her voice can summon a big stage.
So I spent my 2 hours just listening to some of her youtube videos and one of them is her cover (together with her boyfriend) of Snake Charmer by Blink 182.
It was a really nice cover and I suddenly missed Blink 182.

If you want to hear her song covers just click the next button after her Make up tutorial because she had it on playlist! =)

So, Instead just listen to Blink’s version. =)

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Solely within the province

If you are really a close friend of mine, you know that my Province is in Roxas city, Capiz. I know, it’s unusual to know someone who’s from Capiz. Here in the Philippines, Capiz is very popular when it comes to seafoods. The abundance of marine life makes Roxas City the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines.”  It is home to one of the richest fishing grounds in the country.

Here’s some pictures from La Plaza de Roxas. It is a park by the sea. This is quite interesting because you can just stroll by the shore of the sea and swim if you want to. It is for free!




I also saw some fishermen


And this cute little boy while he’s indulging himself on the sand.


For most people, it is also known for being popular for having Aswang. The aswang is an inherently evil vampire-like creature and is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories. But, what they don’t know is that, Capiz has the Biggest Bell in Asia and I was able to see it when I came to our Province last year (After almost 15 years I was able to come back.) for the Interment of my late Grandfather.

Here is the Sta. Monica Church in Pan-ay, Capiz where the largest bell in Asia is kept.


The Largest Bell is located at the topmost part of the church and I got really exhausted because I climb the stairs all the way to the top!



As you can see, I’m already sitting here in this picture because of exhaustion.

But, it was an enduring feeling to see it. Thanks to my cousins showed me around the area.