Quick post: Out of control

Unlike my other posts about how my day went, I'll make this a really quick one, I'm still super stressed and messed up. I can't focus and I have a lot of things on my mind.This week has been a wreck! A lot had happened already and mostly were really unfavorable. Biggy's cousin died (Not… Continue reading Quick post: Out of control

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Hey,I’ve been …

Hey, I've been so out of the mood lately, been talking to myself and talking with friends like you who's obviously got tired and has given up on me already. My paranoia is running like a water in the faucet, very spontaneous. I hate that I'm causing you so much stress and so much things to… Continue reading Hey,I’ve been …

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My day: There is something seriously wrong somewhere.

It was a truly long and unintelligible day for me. Too plenty to talk about and to short to whine about. Let's allow the bullets to speak out. > Woke up late because my work starts at 11am > Tried my charm talking to lots of people. > Tried getting along with my co-workers hoping… Continue reading My day: There is something seriously wrong somewhere.


This made my day.. Thank you http://journeytorn.wordpress.com for noticing my humble blog. =))

Journey to the RN Program

Thanks to  http://bridgetclare.wordpress.com/ for your nomination for the Lovely Blogger Award.

That was very considerate of you.  I have truly enjoyed all of your comments and encouragement you have left for me.  I apologize for taking so long to take care of this…with everything else that has been going on, it has proved to be a great challenge to locate other blogs to nominate.  However, it has been a lot of fun checking them out…anyway…

I guess first thing I am supposed to do is share a few things about myself that y’all may not be aware of.  Not sure how many will find any of the following interesting but here it goes:

1.  I have another blog that I haven’t posted anything to for a while.  It is more of a place to park information that I have gathered from homeschooling my kiddos thru high school.  I’m no expert…just…

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