Quick post: Out of control

Unlike my other posts about how my day went, I’ll make this a really quick one, I’m still super stressed and messed up. I can’t focus and I have a lot of things on my mind.

This week has been a wreck! A lot had happened already and mostly were really unfavorable. Biggy’s cousin died (Not sure about the Diagnosis) but it was really an unexpected event. She’s been nice to me and I had a chance to talk to her before the tragic event. I can see how hard it is for her family, she left her two babies and her husband. 

And of course the other one is that I made a mistake at work today (actually it was yesterday but they checked it today) the situation is really hard to explain since it’s more about computer/paperworks matter. I feel so dumbfounded and alarmed. I’m scared of what they will think about me. I’m so frightened. 

When you fail you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder.
Natalie Gulbis

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Hey,I’ve been …


I’ve been so out of the mood lately, been talking to myself and talking with friends like you who’s obviously got tired and has given up on me already. My paranoia is running like a water in the faucet, very spontaneous. I hate that I’m causing you so much stress and so much things to worry about. As much as I want to control my self, I just can’t help it and I keep on stumbling in the black hole of hopelessness.

When I got this job, I realized how easy it was for me to pass the interviews and exams. I realized that I did not felt any difficulty and anxiety on the process of applying for it. And now that I got it and started working, I’ve come to realized that this is where the crucial part comes. The dreary part just started and I suddenly became aware that I must overcome the weary details before the easy ones. He won’t give this too me, if this is not meant for me. I must work hard and handle every problem and difficulties that comes with this. I’ve been on hiatus with Nursing for almost 1 year and 6 months and everything’s so new to me again.

This past few days, I’ve been so dependent on you, I did not realized that you needed to rest and take your time off too. My insensitivity came rushing again and I’m sorry about that. I know that you need time for yourself too and this past few days, I was always in your way just because I’m not feeling well. I only think about my self and it’s just so devastating.  I feel like I need to apologize for doing things differently. So, I’m sorry. I guess I am letting you down again. I don’t know why but whenever I hear your voice and see you, I just feel at ease again. I hope I can say to you that I’m fine and nothing’s wrong but I know you won’t believe me.  I just wish that you won’t give up on me like what everyone else did.

Thank you!

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My day: There is something seriously wrong somewhere.

It was a truly long and unintelligible day for me. Too plenty to talk about and to short to whine about. Let’s allow the bullets to speak out.

> Woke up late because my work starts at 11am

> Tried my charm talking to lots of people.

> Tried getting along with my co-workers hoping that they would respond positively.

> Observed another Treadmill test. Confusing but apprehensible.

>Saw my boyfriend’s cousin and aunt together with the children having a check up at the clinic. Had a short chat with them.

> Had an awry PPD skin test injection to a 2 year old child. This made my day into a gruesome one. I’m so paranoid that the injection spot would form an edema or be inflamed and would lead me to have an IR. =((( That would be the end of me.

> I was (and still) preoccupied the remaining hours after the incident.

> Went to my boyfriend’s house (to eat, because I know my mother will not prepare food for me), found out he’s sick.

> His parents interrogating me and asking questions about my new work, salary, phone fights and my parents not knowing about Biggy. Pressure time.

> Sudden turn of emotion when I saw Biggy’s baby pic and His father’s baby pic. They look like twins!

Right now, I’m so sleepy but I cannot sleep. I keep on thinking about that injection incident and I feel like I’m about to burst from my paranoia and uneasiness. So help me Lord God.

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Spotlight: Work issues

Oh how I miss blogging. Since I started my new work, I haven’t continuously updating my blog and I miss doing it.

This past few days, I’ve been so frantic with all the work loads and with a lot of new information with my work. I’m so distressed and troubled. I’m so much affected with every word and move that they’ll say especially about me. What irritates me the most is that whenever they try to compare us (all the newbies). Every one of us has their own style and own way of learning, some people learn simultaneously  but some learn slowly. It depends on their nature, habits and personality. Ugh! I just hate it when they do that!  I hate it, it’s just so unfair!

I just can not make sense of people at work, as well as the irate patients, they say one thing to your face and another behind your back.And for some sick, deranged reason I am meant to feel okay with this, as if it was my choice to end up this way?! And I am also suppose to be okay with this, I am suppose to pretend and just don’t care about all of it. I just don’t know how to blend with them!  My only consolation above all of those things is the smile that some of the patients give me whenever I talk to them. 

Because of all the issues and concerns that I’ve been receiving and experiencing from my co-workers, managers and other clinic staffs, I keep on blubbering them to my friends.

And I can see that everyone has given up on me, the whole entire world has given up on me.They tell me, this is just new work blues, get over it. But there is so much emotions, hurt, fear and pain built up in me, I just can’t contain it anymore.
Everyone has given up on me.

For now, I must live with this quote:

All things are difficult before they are easy.
Thomas Fuller


This made my day.. Thank you http://journeytorn.wordpress.com for noticing my humble blog. =))

Journey to the RN Program

Thanks to  http://bridgetclare.wordpress.com/ for your nomination for the Lovely Blogger Award.

That was very considerate of you.  I have truly enjoyed all of your comments and encouragement you have left for me.  I apologize for taking so long to take care of this…with everything else that has been going on, it has proved to be a great challenge to locate other blogs to nominate.  However, it has been a lot of fun checking them out…anyway…

I guess first thing I am supposed to do is share a few things about myself that y’all may not be aware of.  Not sure how many will find any of the following interesting but here it goes:

1.  I have another blog that I haven’t posted anything to for a while.  It is more of a place to park information that I have gathered from homeschooling my kiddos thru high school.  I’m no expert…just…

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Newbies Mall tour

Last Tuesday we had an orientation with the whole Healthway staff and family and we had a mall tour meaning we visited all the Healthway branches from different malls. It was really exhausting but I had fun because all the newbies were really funny and approachable.  We are five new employees at Robinson’s branch that’s why we’re the noisiest and the most bonded. 



The newbies from Van no. 1 (they divided us into two groups for Van 1 and 2)


The nurses and staffs from Robinsons place




Met new people and I was able to get to know some of my new co -workers. A really interesting day it is!