The coupons

So, I was really having a hard time thinking of a gift for our 4 years anniversary. And since, online vouchers and coupons are popular nowadays.. I came to an idea to make my own coupons and give them to him. I made a few coupons and I asked him to choose only two.

Here are the coupons that I made:






I made a mistake in this one.. Can you see where? haha!


The rules are simple!

Redemption period: November 15 until January 2012

Valid on Weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. One voucher per month.

Around Metro Manila Only.

Please call or text before the preferred Schedule.

Present a Valid ID and the Voucher.

Non transferable.

As expected, he chose the full body massage and Dinner!

I just hope, I gave you an idea on what to give your loved ones on your special days together. =)


Quick post: Glassy eyed

I am unhappy, I’m not sure where I am going. 

It seems like I’m wandering to nowhere and I can’t even trace my own shadow. I’m desolated and puzzled. I have no motivation at all. It’s in my mind but I can’t do a thing about it. I lack trust in myself and as well with everything around me. When will I have inspiration and impulse to do all the things that I want?! 

4 years of love

Someday, you’ll find someone. Someone who’d love you, the whole you. Someone who’d find every little quirk adorable. A person who would love you deeply, so much so, that even the parts of yourself you hate most, will be that something this person would love the most.– I think, I found mine. =)

Yesterday, we celebrated our 4 years of being together. I woke up happy that day because finally, the sign that I’ve been waiting for came exactly at the right time. I was so excited to see him and to tell him about it. We were not supposed to celebrate because of my mood swings but fortunately we did! Everything was perfect! Except for him being late and not receiving my text messages that made me really infuriated. But, when I saw his face, smiling.. I could not help it and I smiled too. Giving him a smirk and everything were fine again.

I think, this was the first time that we really celebrated our anniversary; Our first Anniversary was a disaster, we did not even greet each other. The Second one, he was so late, from what I remember he’s an hour and half late, he did not even appreciate my gift for him, I cried because of embarassment and disappointment. The Third one was quite sad because he was at Korea that time so we just greeted each other through video-calls and I made a short amateur video for him. This time, he finally planned everything and made an effort, you can even tell it with his clothes. He looks so dapper! =) Even I was wearing my favorite skorts! Haha!

It’s both out first time at Ocean Park, I’ve been wanting to go there! My inner child spirit likes going to amusement parks and recreations, but we don’t always have enough time to do so. It was such a short notice that’s why he decided to buy the vouchers because one of my friends told me that the fountain show was truly entertaining. True enough, we had a good time. It was tiring, but everything was new to us.








He’s wearing glasses..


Now, he’s not! Lol

Pictures, inside the Penguin Talk show. It was dark inside, I almost thought we’re going to talk to a real penguin! I still had fun, even though it was a show intended for the children.





What made me happier was when he sang for me using his portable piano (a piano application on his phone), I know, I’ve always been asking him to sing for me, he made a few lapses and mistakes but blah! He made me feel special.


He even had a gift for me, a bag organizer! I’ve been wanting and thinking of buying one, because I can’t seem to make the inside of my bag look presentable. My things were everywhere and all over the place. Thank goodness, I finally have not one but two bag organizers! =)

Dinner time was our big problem that night, we didn’t know were and what to eat. We want to try something new but we don’t know where we can find a nice restaurant. We were walking when we suddenly saw Tongyang, a shabu shabu buffet restaurant. When we saw the restaurant, we looked at each other, our eyes shining with we did not hesitate and went in! Perfect night!



We’re a sucker for buffets, it was all a coincidence that we saw that restaurant, I guess luck was on our side that night! We went home blissfully! Truly a notable day for us. ❤


Up all night

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
Vincent Van Gogh 

I’ve been planning this meet up for quite some time now, I really wanted my two friends (Ydelan and Karen) to get to know each other. After work, I hurried myself to MOA, for the meet up and it was really funny how we saw each other.

We watched This Guy’s inlove with you Mare, the last full show, Ydelan was hesitated at first but he had no choice but to watch it with us. It was super funny, the cinema was full of laughter all throughout the movie. It was a good choice!

The movie ended at around 12:30 and while we were walking out of the mall, we saw Timezone and played a bit, so around 1am.. we decided to go home. But, on our way to the passengers area, I suddenly asked them to drink and just chill out since it was also very late, without questions, they entertained my idea and agreed.

I was also feeling so devastated because of work, my family and about the Sign that I’ve been waiting but still nothing, not a single shadow of it. I’m really depressed, that’s why I decided to drink and just forget about it. I don’t usually drink, I’m not a drinker but, since I was with my two trusted friends, I thought that it was a good idea to drink that night.

My boyfriend was texting me and I was running out of battery so I just told him that we decided to go and drink. He did not hover and said that he will go too. It was really an unexpected night but it turned out super crazy and fun!

We went to Music 21, and stayed there singing, eating and drinking until 5 in the morning.



Too bad, I was not able to bring my camera. All photos were taken using Biggs’ camera phone.



We I really had fun because I am a frustrated singer ! LOL..  After that, we went near the bay because Karen was insisting the we should see the Sunrise.

What happened was another first time for me. I was really sober the next day but it’s all okay. =)

Something sneaky

I was thinking of something special for his birthday but I’m out of my consciousness nowadays and I just can’t do much because of lack of time, distance and of course financial needs.

We usually go out whenever we have a special occasion or things to celebrate about. But, I realized that, it’s not always like that. It’s okay with me because I know that we still have our whole different lives apart and we need to breathe away from each other every now and then. Maybe, I was just thinking to much on how to make him happy on his special day just like what he did on my Birthday.

Being in a long term relationship is sometimes really disappointing. I get to think what to give him every year for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas days. It’s really exhausting to think especially when you lack money and time to make or buy them. I like surprises and that’s why I always want to surprise him.

I just thought of giving him some things that he can use everyday. And since we we’re not able to see each other that day, he said that he just wants to go home and spend time with his family, while I was expecting that he would somehow invite me to their house but he did not so I was sad and really devastated that day. I thought that I won’t able to give my gift. Even though my gifts are just simple things, not really expensive, I really want to give them to him on that special day, to somehow make him realized that I’m happy that he was given another year to enjoy life. So, I decided to contact his sisters and luckily they responded and helped me. (credit goes to his younger sister! =)) I waited all day, I was at work 7am until 4pm and I waited for 3 hrs. I was so tired, but I was smiling when I got home.

I know that he will not like my gifts but I thought that maybe it will somehow surprise him to see his gifts in his room. Good thing, I was not able to see his expressions of disappointments. At least, I did my job and even though he did not really liked them ( of course he said he liked them, but boo! I know the truth!) , I’m still happy that I did that. Maybe I was just expecting a bit more appreciation from him.


Anything could happen

If ever I’ll encounter or be in a zombie apocalypse.. I would definitely choose this song to be my soundtrack or background music. I don’t usually listen to these kinds of music but I find this one really refreshing.

Ellie Goulding is just so effortless, I saw her Lights music video and she’s really a star. She can dance and she’s got a unique voice.

Nothing to fall back on nothing.

I’m telling you with my eyes. Not with my words.

I really wished it happened.. or maybe not.

Differences between a relationship and a lie..

turns into confusion and distractions.

Everything was perfect and then gone.

Will I ever be enough?

When it comes to you, I don’t know what to do.

More promises, more expectations.

Pointless nights and empty satisfactions.

I know I’ve had enough, but I can’t get enough of you.

Quick post: Hornswoggle

“To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible deception; it is an eternal loss for which there is no reparation, either in time or in eternity.” – Soren Kierkegaard”

What is it about movies about cheating here in the Philippines? They’re coming like chicken laying eggs or something. I’m not sure If they want people to learn a lesson about not cheating or teaching them how to. I really don’t know, and what I don’t understand is that why do people cheat? If you don’t love the other person, leave and move on. Find a new one and be happy, isn’t it easier? 

I’ve been cheated and I still don’t know why and how it happened but what I do know is that it is awful. The feeling is awful and it’s taking advantage. It’s misleading and everyone who’s involve is a loser. It’s just funny to know that people loves feeling pain and being hurt. It’s never the easy way out.



Love is growing up

We’re going 4 years and I can’t be happy enough, we still have some issues every now and then, but most of it were just minor ones compared to the old things that we usually fight about.

I can’t believe that we’re going to celebrate another year together. I can still remember the days when he’s fetching me from school and he goes to his favorite computer shop near our University. From the holding hands to our first kiss. I remember the days that I can’t even look him in his eyes just because I was shy and I blush knowing that he was my crush. The days that I used to see him outside playing and doing things that he’s good at. The times that I get easily irritated whenever he talks about his past loves and relationships. I still get jealous though, knowing that I was not his first makes me a bit devastated and resentful. A lot of girls get smitten by him, not because he looks pleasing, but because he talks funny and he knows what a girl wants to hear, I understand it now, it’s because he lives with 3 mad as a hatter girls!

We broke up a lot of times already, early this year was about to be the last time that we’ll see each other. I almost thought that, our time together has reached the limit.  I usually wonder what would happen if we never got back together and the odds were far from our grasp. Maybe, I would still be single until now, keeps on going out with my friends, being happy (but not really) and  works at my new job where I can’t get along with the people, going home stressed and cursing. Work and frustrations about my career will eat me. Or maybe, I’ll meet a new one, so different from him and our silliness will get along well, and I’ll eventually forget about him.  On the other hand, maybe he’s single, works at his new job, a bit baffled but meets new people, a few girls might like him and he’ll keep his charm, befriends them and one of them will surely fall for him and he will too. He’ll have a new one. Or he’ll meet someone that’s totally the opposite of me, he’ll be so in love,  works harder for her and eventually forgets about me. Those would be the typical things that might happen, but we wouldn’t have known because we’re still together, regarding our work and jobs though, they’re currently happening meaning we’re discomfited. lol.

We still have a lot of things to go through, we’re not even halfway there but we’re trying, and trying is not bad. From being my crush, to my lover and now my best friend, I really want to be with him, I hope that he does too. I can’t think of any other boy who’ll make me feel this tingly and intoxicated. Who’ll love my flaws, crazy antics and cracked mind. I just hope that as time goes, we’ll be mature enough to handle the things that’s about to happen individually or as a couple.

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.
James A. Baldwin

Playful and Satisfied

Oh how I missed writing, been so busy with work and I’m happy that somehow, I still have time go out and have fun with some of my friends. 

I was supposed to go out with Bryan, Dylan and Karen but something came up that ended up with me and Karen left to go. It was her birthday last week so she decided to treat me out. 

We watched Taken 2, it was so good, I cannot compare it to the first installment because I both loved the movies. We ate a lot, sang at a videoke room and walked around the bay, outside the mall.




We talked about our current jobs, I must say that she’s a hard worker knowing that she has 3 jobs! I don’t know how she does it but I just wish that she’ll keep her self healthy and happy. I know it’s difficult to maintain and to do those 3 jobs in a day. I have 1 work but whenever I go home, I’m so exhausted it’s as if I have 3 jobs already, that’s why I can’t even imagine how she does all of it.

 I’m sick (inexpiable coughs and colds) that day but I really had fun and it brings good feelings whenever I’m out with people that I care about and comfortable with.