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The coupons

So, I was really having a hard time thinking of a gift for our 4 years anniversary. And since, online vouchers and coupons are popular nowadays.. I came to an idea to make my own coupons and give them to him. I made a few coupons and I asked him to choose only two. Here… Continue reading The coupons


Quick post: Glassy eyed

I am unhappy, I'm not sure where I am going. It seems like I'm wandering to nowhere and I can't even trace my own shadow. I'm desolated and puzzled. I have no motivation at all. It's in my mind but I can't do a thing about it. I lack trust in myself and as well with… Continue reading Quick post: Glassy eyed

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Anything could happen

If ever I'll encounter or be in a zombie apocalypse.. I would definitely choose this song to be my soundtrack or background music. I don't usually listen to these kinds of music but I find this one really refreshing. Ellie Goulding is just so effortless, I saw her Lights music video and she's really a star. She can dance and she's got a unique voice.