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Quick post: in a huff

I’m feeling quite sulky because I haven’t seen him for a while. I know it’s not that long (2 weeks, I think) but, I miss him so much already. I have so much to tell him about my new experiences with my work, my co-workers, how I’m enjoying my new environment and how I’ve been adapting. All those stories are just kept until we see each other. All we have is texting, messaging through the internet and chat, but it’s really different when you talk to them personally or even hear their voice. It’s upsetting to know that you’re just in the same place but it seems like you’re having a long distance relationship.. the worse part? We don’t see each other and we don’t even call each other. Funny how we manage to do that. I’m really upset but of course, I didn’t tell him because I’m sure that he will just think that I’m too clingy and it’s just a waste of time and money. It makes me think that maybe he thinks that I’m all over the place and he needs time alone or time for himself. 

Oh well, maybe I’ll just make use of my days and do some “ME” time. I’m planning on watching a movie alone this weekend. I’m sure it’ll be a breather for me. =)



KTV Sunday

After 1 month of planning, finally we were able to get together and spend some time to update each other, especially regarding their work. It’s been 3 weeks since I left my job there and it’s so good to know that they miss me and still think about me. 

They’re still bragging about their work and how the management handles the clinic, I feel really relieved that I made a good decision to leave that job. I keep hearing, negative and   awful things that they are experiencing and I can’t help but remember and feel my past experiences on that place. 

I miss them so much and I miss singing too (a frustrated singer here!), so we decided to go to a KTV bar just near Robinsons. 










Goofy pictures and crazy times. Sisters at heart and partners in crime. =))

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Quick post: just your fabrication

You probably thought that he’s a different person now, a changed one. More mature and all grown up. You thought that he’s all yours and that he’s done all of it for you. But then, snapping back to reality, everything is just from your creative mind. Nothing’s changed. He’s still the person who cheated on you, who broke your heart and chose another girl because of body and looks, he’s still the same person who crumbled your trust and made you look stupid. He’s still the person who kept you waiting, the one who exposed you to all the lies and undone promises. He’s the one who, divulge you and opened you up to emotional and physical pain. Nothing has changed, you’re just making it up because you’ve been blinded by love.  So stop making things up, he’s still the same person you’ve known years ago. Save yourself. 

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This is bad news

You know the feeling that sometimes, from all those boring stuffs of life, after a week of work, you miss someone and just a call or hearing they’re voice will somehow brighten or give your day a little twist?!

Well, I was expecting again and of course I got disappointed. It’s the same reason, same alibi and same excuse. I don’t know if it’s the truth or just cleaning his own hands after playing all day… or maybe he’s just not into me anymore?

They said that, if a guy stops from playing games and takes his time to talk to you or just to check on you, it means that you’re someone who’s worth his time and that he cares for you a lot.  Lately, I’ve been really too bum from work and sometimes, I tend to bug him with really stupid and nonsense questions and things, maybe, I know it’s a bit irritating for him too. But, most of the times, he’ll say he’s busy but then I’ll see him, updating his facebook or twitter account which is kind of confusing and puzzling, I’m I really that disturbing?! 

I know, I’m not like those other girls who would demand their boyfriend to text and call them everyday, or even every minute  but am I already asking too much? Why is it that every time that I ask him to call me, his whole family is suddenly chaotic? Plus the fact, that he won’t even go with me and my friends whenever I invite him. It makes me really think that something is totally wrong. I’m trying to hold back the sobs. On the verge
of trying not to lose it right now. 

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A perfect day

Sipping your hot coffee while stuck in your pajamas
Falling asleep while watching a movie.
Cold weather, a good book and a perfect reading spot.
Walking your dog in the middle of the night
Laying down on a couch, windows opened with music blasting.
Going home and ordering a pizza to eat
Bathtub and endless supply of bubbles, reading and eating apple pie.
Lunch at an insanely delicious restaurant.
Waking up early and going for a mini road trip to the beach
Undisturbed skinny dipping
Breakfast with parents and seeing them smile.
Walking dead marathon.
A nice summer night with friends.
Watching sad movies and cry and drink more hot chocolate
Shopping at a thrift store, finding out it’s sale.
A shiver-down-your-spine-good kiss
Taking a nap, thinking that you slept for 4 hrs.


First kiss, meeting your parents, deep conversations, staring at each other in silence, play fighting. My mind would race, in search of a word to describe how I felt for you. But of course I couldn’t find one because not even a thousand words could have explain how I felt. It was a feeling that was to good to be true. 

Fighting, sitting in silence, one word conversations, rarely being together and the last kiss. Turns out there was no truth to that feeling, that feeling I thought would last forever. Lying to my face, spreading my personal life, talking badly about me and letting me crumble while you stand over me… with her.