Quick post: 2 weeks, Acid test

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I started with my new work as a Data Management Coder/Medical Coder in Makati. The first few days was really hard because, I don’t know anyone and I can’t seem to fit in. Not because I’m shy or scared but because I can’t start or keep a conversation with them since I was feeling really sick for those first few days.ย 

I’ve had lots of late and an absent because of my laziness caused by my sickness (plus of course the transportation adjustments that I’m still working on). Now that I’m feeling a lot better, I’m starting to cope up with them and really try to get along. I can say that I feel so much better with this group of people unlike in my previous work, where I act so stiffly and it’s as if I’m more of a robot than a person.ย 

We’re still having someย trainingย regarding our positions and hopefully by February we will be able to do the tasks. =)

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