Quick post: in a huff

I’m feeling quite sulky because I haven’t seen him for a while. I know it’s not that long (2 weeks, I think) but, I miss him so much already. I have so much to tell him about my new experiences with my work, my co-workers, how I’m enjoying my new environment and how I’ve been adapting. All those stories are just kept until we see each other. All we have is texting, messagingย through the internet and chat, but it’s really different when you talk to them personally or even hear their voice. It’s upsetting to know that you’re just in the same place but it seems like you’re having a long distance relationship.. the worse part? We don’t see each other and we don’t even call each other. Funny how we manage to do that. I’m really upset but of course, I didn’t tell him because I’m sure that he will just think that I’m too clingy and it’s just a waste of time and money. It makes me think that maybe he thinks that I’m all over the place and he needs time alone or time for himself.ย 

Oh well, maybe I’ll just make use of my days and do some “ME” time. I’m planning on watching a movie alone this weekend. I’m sure it’ll be a breather for me. =)


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