Quick post: Feisty

Call me a bad daughter but this is how I can describe my father. He’s such a feisty man. (I not need to further discuss)

From what I know, feisty can mean a lot of things, it can be someone who’s energetic, full of spirit, someone who’s sensitive and even someone who’s hot tempered and iritable. And, everything really suited him well.

As a child, I’ve always been really vocal/verbal when it comes to my father. I care for him so much but I scornfully hate him as well.

I know that it’s difficult to keep up with the unexpected things that’s happening to us, especially around him. Us growing up, working and being always away from home, my mother becoming a public person which makes her always out of the house.

Sometimes I pity him for experiencing those things, but whenever we try to talk to him, he’s just really a closed minded person which makes it really difficult to communicate with him and talk things out.

Sometimes, I wonder what’s on his mind, that I wish he can somehow share to us so that we’ll know his concerns and emotions in a very calm way (without any shouting or fighting). We tried, he never did.

I don’t know for how long this will last, I want to talk to him but I’m just too tired, we’re tired. =(

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String along =)

I’ve been wanting to try the TRICK ART MUSEUM but  a lot of my friends are busy and have no time (or they’ve already been there). Good thing, my cousin is in town and I was able to do new things at the Ocean park. 






These are just some of the photos that I’ve tried inside the trick art museum. 

I was also very happy because I saw some of my old workmates and friends at my former job as an English tutor, they were also strolling along the place with their Korean students =)


It was also my first time to try Fish spa, it was ticklish at first (yeah, was laughing so hard, until I got tired.lol) and you’ll feel relaxed in the middle until the end of the session =0



I truly had fun and I had time to talk to my cousin and get to know him more.





Fine and dandy

Not sure if those are the words that best explains the positive things that’s happening with me and my work.

I miss my old friends, old workmates from EPI and as well as Healthway but I believe that I made the right decision to accept this job.It’s been a long time since I posted something here in my blog and it’s all because I’ve been enjoying my current job, I’m getting along really well with my workmates. I don’t feel any competition or negative things when I’m with them. Our Team Leader is one of my friends , they always make me laugh and I get appreciated a lot.

Sometimes, my male workmates tend to get really annoying. They always notice the things that I’m doing and they also get touchy at time, massaging my back, pinching my face and even my tummy and fats.
It’s really iritating but I try to tolerate them as much as I can. They are still really nice to me though.

Aside from those annoying things, this place is really refreshing. I’m satisfied and I can see myself staying here for a long time. =)

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Just take a chance

I don’t regret going out with you.
We were young, and I was still a very naive girl.
I was stubborn and stupid. I knew that you were everything that I wanted, but for some reason I thought that relationships weren’t supposed to be comfortable—I thought they were supposed to be that nervous butterfly feeling. I didn’t yet realize that if you don’t feel nervous in a situation, it usually means you’re where you ought to be.

I know that I’ve lost you.
I talk to guys, but when I sit down and try to figure out what went wrong and what I’m looking for I realize that I’m looking for you.
You were perfect. You are perfect. You’re confident and funny and you don’t even know how sweet you are. You’re also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.
Those times on was how much you reached for me when you were asleep. Whenever I moved or shifted you always pulled me back to be close. You kissed my head,my shoulder,my hair. It’s just really amazing.
It’s great how close I still feel for you after us being together in a relationship for almost 4 years and we even had a long distance relationship, but we made it work.
You know, I always saw you as the happy ending, but I never really realized that maybe I passed up on that a long time ago. It really scares me to think that I have the ability to completely ruin my chances with you.

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Queasy and wobbly

It’s the second month of the year and yet I’m already rocking my 2nd month with colds and headache. This is the second time that I had colds for this year. Hopefully not again next month and the months coming after. I really hate it when I have colds and cough, most especially colds. It makes my nose really clogged and runny. I hate it. Headache comes after the prolong difficulty of breathing that I experience due to clogged nose. 

I hate this feeling because it makes me really unproductive and lazy at work. How I wish, taking an overdose amount of vitamin C can help. Aside from my colds, I am also taking note of my Acid reflux and my constipation. Arrgh, my body’s going crazy. Oh please, not another visit with my doctor. =( 

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Quick post: Meanwhile..

Two more days and it’s Valentines’ day already. I have no plans, or rather we don’t have any plans of going out and it’s because of a lot of reasons. We have work, salary day is on Friday and lastly, I think that going out on that exact date is really annoying because a lot of lovers or families will be out and celebrating. 

Valentines’ day is just a made up holiday, from those postcard companies or chocolate and flower shops but anyways, it’s a fun way of celebrating the power of love with our families and special someones. It’s a good excuse of showing our care for our loved ones. 



It’s definitely me.

Yesterday, I went out with my boyfriend and I don’t know why but I feel really irritated from the moment I saw him. I don’t mean anything rude but I just feel so different with him. He said that he was supposed to surprise me but he failed to do so because of traffic. I get it though, he’s not really good with surprises. We talked about our jobs and the people in our work. We also had lots of laughs and silly moments but I felt really  not contented and not that happy at all. I don’t really know why. I got really sensitive when he said that he doesn’t miss me that much and that he’s just preoccupied with his work and all. 

Is it me who’s changing? Or is this just some hormones acting up? Sometimes, I just feel like he doesn’t need me anymore. And sometimes, I think that maybe, there’s someone who can make me feel happier and appreciated. Argh! These thoughts are wrecking my day already. pssh.