Quick post: Feisty

Call me a bad daughter but this is how I can describe my father. He's such a feisty man. (I not need to further discuss) From what I know, feisty can mean a lot of things, it can be someone who's energetic, full of spirit, someone who's sensitive and even someone who's hot tempered and… Continue reading Quick post: Feisty

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String along =)

I've been wanting to try the TRICK ART MUSEUM but  a lot of my friends are busy and have no time (or they've already been there). Good thing, my cousin is in town and I was able to do new things at the Ocean park.  These are just some of the photos that I've tried inside… Continue reading String along =)

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Just take a chance

I don’t regret going out with you. We were young, and I was still a very naive girl. I was stubborn and stupid. I knew that you were everything that I wanted, but for some reason I thought that relationships weren’t supposed to be comfortable—I thought they were supposed to be that nervous butterfly feeling.… Continue reading Just take a chance