Update: 04-21-13

I’m not sure if these hormones are causing my current mood swings but aside from the usual schizo type of temper. I’m not feeling well today, I’m currently having difficulty and pain when urinating. I just wish this is just some common UTI and not other kind of serious disease. As I tend to really panic and get paranoid at times.


By the way, I love the weather today, I sipped some orange juice awhile ago (before I felt the disturbing pain) while watching the 3rd season of Awkward. This was supposed to be a very relaxing and peaceful day but then my Kidneys ruined it all.Ā 

Oh well, I’ll just try the water therapy for awhile until it subsides, if not..then I’m going to drink some antibiotics for this. I don’t want to be sick tomorrow. So help me.Ā 

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