Fix me

If i could describe my feelings right now, coldplay’s fix you would definitely pass as my musical score.

One more day til the weekends but my body is already begging for peace and mercy. I know there’s no easy work or job but i just feel so deprived right now. I was given a lot of task, to be the Person on Charge of our group which leads to having endless responsibilities and accountabilities to our group. There’s a lot of tasks that requires to melt your brain and expand my patience. Not physically tiring but oh st. Peter it’s mentally draining. They also assigned me to learn another process that i don’t even know where to start.

Sometimes, i say to my self that maybe i just need to be more calm and manage my emotions when it comes to work but it’s just so hard to do,to think when you’re mentally exhausted.

Whew, this is my life nowadays, i look stressed, i feel stressed and i dont know how to cope. 😦

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