Rants · Thoughts


Lately ive been thinking a lot about my work and how ive been really bored with my daily activities. At first, it was hard for me but now, ive completely adapted and capable of doing things without the help of my workmates and even my team leader. I dont want to boast but they need me more now.

And it occurred to me how ive been wanting challenging task and activities. Honestly, my job doesnt allow me to be competitive enough and challenging enough. Im becoming really bored with the daily things that i do at work. I want to do something that will somehow test my capacities and push me to the things that can put me in places were i will be able to use my mind and abilities to their limits.

It’s not because i feel mentally or intellectually advanced (wrong choice of word) than my workmates (well, there are times that i wont deny that..thanks to my parents’ genes). But seriously, i want to explore my skills and capacities and i dont think that what im doing now can challenge my abilities.

Oh life..what are you doing to me.