Half hearted

I was supposed to be happy today because its our 5th year anniversary of my boyfriend. However, i just couldnt help but be sad because my mom lost the local election and i just cant believe it.

I know God has other plans for her…but i can feel how heavy her heart was. She was expecting and confident that she will have a positive result but unexpected things happen and we just have to accept it.

I know how my mom has sacrificed for her position. I know that she only did her best and that she had her ups and downs all throughout her stay as an official in our brgy. I saw how she enjoyed everything and how she was able to help other people. She always has the giving heart. Strong but weak at heart.

I just cant believe it and i just wish that i could take all her pain and hurt in losing. To those people who supported her all the way..i know that they know..that she deserve the best. In my eyes and in my heart she is and will always be the best. She fought fair.

I loveyou chairman. Im lucky and blessed to have you as my mom. You are enough.