Roller Coaster going 5!

Time is definitely so fast! The last time I checked, we we’re just in College and now we’re working and just Celebrated our 5 years together! Whew!

We were supposed to go Swimming somewhere in Batangas but due to my Monthly visitor, we just have to cancel it and reschedule it. Anyway, we had other plans and it’s to Go to Star City (Sorry, but ugh, it’s been years since I last went there, i can’t even remember how the whole place looks like.) It’s was also our first time to go to an Amusement park(with scary rides) tried rides together (Yeah, You can only do so much in 5 years!). Those deadly and fun rides can also relate to our Relationship during those years. Of course, there were Ups and Downs but it’s all up to both of you on how you will handle the situation and how you work it out together!

We’re not able to try a lot of rides because the lines were always so long and he just doesn’t want to wait. bleh!

We also met one of his College friend in Football and it was really nice to hear old stories and how he was back in College before I met him. ( especially love it whenever he tries to kiss me, look at me or just hold my hands in front of his friends! PDA, I know, but it just feels super sweet!)

All in, it was a very Fun day for me! I enjoyed everything! It was just a very simple Pre Celebration of our 5 years Together but it was another memorable time for us and our Relationship!

Here are some of the Pictures:


Outside, while the sun is still out!




While waiting for our Turn to ride the Vikings!





We also tried the SHOOTING GAME. I am really insisting that I scored higher than him! hahaImage



And oh! he got me a gift!!


What’s inside? A purple matching headphones with him a Letter that I noticed A day before I opened the gift! haha!

Anyway, I really hope we can have more days like this! I know, 5 years is just the beginning, we will have a lot of drawbacks and setbacks but I’m just crossing my fingers that we will make it through and be in the finish line together!

Thank you Lovidubs for that Wonderful day and Thank you for Staying with me always!