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Tis the season

December is definitely a busy month..a lot of meet ups, get togethers, catching ups and celebrations.
Indeed a season to be happy and also a reminder of how your year went whether is was good or not.

For these past days.. I was able to meet again those people who became part of my life and of course still part of my life.

It’s nice and overwhelming to hear their new stories, achievements, doubts, fears, sorrows and other important happenings in their life. Also, it’s a great feeling that they still remember you and try to spend time with you. It just feels amazing.

One of my bestfriends.. Who is also one of my previous workmate at a mall clinic was able to have a vacation here in the philippines for two weeks. So we took the opportunity to see each other and we prepared a mini party for her. The event also served as our christmas party. It was a day well spent at a hotel somewhere in mandaluyong.

Last friday, i was able to spend my weekend with my boyfriend’s group of friends. Eventhough they barely know me..aside from being the girlfriend of their friend, they were able to show me and make me feel at ease. Of course, thankful for my boyfriend for trying to make me feel comfortable around them. I’m looking forward to more holidays with them. 🙂


Will post more soon!

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A month of Hiatus

Happy Holidays! It’s been more than a month..since I last posted something here on my blog. Last time was still our Pre Anniversary Celebration and for the past month, weeks and days, a lot of things had already happened. Here’s a catch up:

> My mom were able to move fast the result of the last election. She’s currently so busy being a Lola to my one and only niece. We still experience a lot of misunderstanding most specially when it comes to money, but I just don’t want to make an issue out of it. As we know, fighting over money is a big NO NO NO most importantly to your parents and relatives. =(

> My father, as always is still a big nagger. He’s stubborn and hard headed. Arrgh. As you can see we are not a Perfect family, but I atleast want to have a peaceful one. I just wish that he could take time and reflect on how lucky he is to have us instead of pin pointing and making a big deal out of all the small details.

> My boyfriend and I, just had our POST anniv celebration after the 3rd time that we rescheduled it. We went to a beautiful Hideaway somewhere in BATANGAS! It’s the first time that we went snorkeling together! Will post a blog for this soon.

> As we know, TACLOBAN and other Province in the Philippines, like CEBU, BOHOL and the rest of VISAYAS region experienced natural calamities and it left the provinces devastated. A lot of families lost their shelter, food, clothes and most significantly their Loved ones. It was really a tragic moment not only for them but for the whole country. My highschool friends, decided to help by volunteering in the repacking of relief goods at DSWD. We helped for almost 8 hours. It was really exhausting but the fun part is that we were able to Bond and talk to each other again after a long time. It became a mini reunion for us! Well of course, let’s add the wonderful feeling of helping our fellow Filipinos.

> We went to our Company’s year end party. Of course, I Asked my mom to make a dress for me and it was exactly what I wanted! The party was fun but too bad I didnt even win at the raffle. lol

> We got Promoted to PRODUCTION ANALYST from being a DATA MANAGEMENT CODER for 11 months! A really good news for us! Thank God for all the blessings!

Well, for some of the things that happened that I was not able to include here..maybe I would just make a special blog post for them. One blog post is not enough for me to tell all my new experiences and especially the happy times!