Yes, it’s the love bug month! 4 days after Valentines day and i still feel like floating and sliding and rolling on a rainbow trail.

Our Valentines day was a bit special this year. He had it all planned (well, you know when it comes to my friends..i always plan the getaways and once in a while its nice to have a boyfriend who knows how to plan things..i get to sit there and just watch and be amused) and days before our celebration, I was already feeling a bit giddy and excited!! Adding the “miss”-kind of feeling because we havent seen each other for 2 weeks!

His plan was to go to a nice SPA in makati. I think this SPA is more for couples..but you can also go alone or with friends. They offer 15minutes sauna, ah hour of massage and a four course meal. The massage was particulary great..i slept the whole time! The dining area looks really romantic? ( ah maybe because of the dim light!hehe) I love that they serve the meals one at a time just like in those expensive restaurants.  The foods taste real good. I enjoyed every bit.




It was a splendid valentines day for me..for us.

Thank you Bryan for planning this and for making me feel like im a princess (oh cliche!kidding).