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Heritage resort

Lo and behold because this post will be All about pictures of our recent day tour at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Ive been hearing a lot of good feedbacks with this place, so I came to see for myself. The travel time was a bit long and tiring but the view was definitely worth it. 











From what i heard during the tour, this place will cater to all the Apec summit attendees. Im sure they will all be in awe once they see how lovely this place is. 

There are still new and ongoing structures and  looking forward to seeing them when I get back. Im sure I will. 


Daily skin Routine 

As ive posted, i had seborrheic dermatitis around my eyes and eyelids, forehead and sides of my nose. I know, some may say that i was just exaggerating but having that kind of skin condition especially around my eyes and face had caused me a lot of self esteem issues for the past two to three weeks. I used to have many pimples but i was able to get past that though i still occassionally have bumps and acne especially during my period days. 

And now that i had this new skin issue, I had a major revamp of my skin products. I do believe that these products helped me overcome the symptoms or atleast keep the symptoms at bay.

I use these products after shower and before sleeping at night. This will be a well a review of all the skin products that i am using.

Right now, i am currently using Human   heart nature’s hydrating creamy wash. What I love about this is the soft texture whenever i apply it on my wet face. Some say, that using soap can be a bit harsh to facial skin, so this is a good choice. Also, this is advisable to use for dry skin but i have oily/sensitive skin and so far, it does not have any side effects on my skin type.  It is made from moringa extracts, that provides moisture especially for those who have eczema/dryness of the skin. 


After washing my face, I apply diluted Braggs ACV on my face as a toner. Ive been reading a lot of nice reviews about this so i did not hesitate to try. It is naturally acidic which is best for the facial skin to retain its environment. Although the smell is quite strong and has bad odor, i was able to get used to it after using it for a month now. I can also see huge difference on my face now. 

  this can be bought at any supermarket or grocery store. 

then comes the tea tree oil from Human heart nature. I am currently obsessed in using tea tree oil, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. I actually, apply it not only on my face but to other parts of my skin as well. This definitely has a lot of uses. I just apply in a massaging way  on my face after the Acv toner. 

 AFter applying the tea tree oil, I then put the tomato serum that I bought online. It’s a daily moisturiser that contains tomato extract and collagen. It smells so good, It is a good way to mask the smell of the ACV. The smell is  a mix of fruity and flowery scent. 


And lastly, whenever i feel like having a new zit or the SB is getting itchy or the rashes are out I usually just put a dab amount of Bioderm ointment and the next day upon waking up, you will notice that the skin bumps have minimized or the pimples dried out.  

 On my eyelids, I also put fingertips amount of rescue balm from human heart nature a mix of tea tree oil and lavender oil balm. It soothes the flaky look of my eyelids from SB.  Plus of course the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil will do its way as well.

  Disclaimer* I have no connection or not a sponsor of any of the products that I am using. 

Well, i know my SB is just a mild case (hopefully)  but for those who have been suffering from all the flaking and itching you just have to find the best routine for your skin to keep the SB in control. 

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Chronic and relapsing

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been recently diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis it has affected my forehead, sides of nose, around the eyes and eyelids.

I started to notice them December 2014, I was just thinking that these were normal allergic reactions to anything that im hypersensitive about. It may be food or dust or even the weather (as you know december until february were really cold here) But, by January, I started noticing that the rashes were getting worse! I went to a dermatologist and he identified the skin condition as seborrheic dermatitis, you know the medical term of the layman’s term dandruff but only im experiencing it on my face around my eyes and eyelids. He advised me to use Bioderma products which were so expensive! He even noted that I can only buy those products to him. Being a bit helpless and sick during those days, I bought the product and used it but the next day after using it, Ive noticed my eyes, specifically my left eye started swelling. Oh dear, I just cant contain how I was feeling that day!  


As seen in my photo (apology for the pic but I really would like to show what happened to my skin and eyes), I looked like a tired mushroom intensified with redness and rashes, they were itchy at times but tolerable. What really bothered me was the need to go to work looking like this! My eye glasses helped for a time but still the feeling of heavy eyes makes me want to go home and be locked in my room. 

I started reading online on ways on how to manage this skin condition,though I still kept using the products given by my derma, i told my self to give them a try for a week. Reading comments and experiences online makes me feel vulnerable and hopeless. I tried everything indicated  from following a certain diet like eating fruits and vegatables only to changing my skin care routine (i switched to all organic and natural products) but still the swelling didnt go Away. I felt sick for those weeks, I kept on ranting about it to my Mom, to bryan and even my friends. Finally after a few weeks, I decided to have another check up with our Family doctor, he advised that i needed to use a topical steroids because the inflammation has been too long already and it may get infected. I only used it for two weeks since using any kinds of steroids for a long time can cause bad side effects especially that im using it around my eyes. 

I felt so relieved when i can finally see that my eyes and skin are turning into normal again. I still do not know of what really caused my seborrheic dermatitis, but Im really feeling so much better now. My doctor said that on the first onset there is no assurance that it will not comeback, it is a chronic and reocurring skin condition but can be controlled following a skin care regimen that helps the skin calm. 


this is my current pic, so seborrheic dermatitis is at bay (for a month now) and My face looks normal again.  

Im not a skin care guru but I will share my skin care routine in my next posts to keep my sb controlled. Most of the products i now use are organic and safe to use. 

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Food buddy

Eversince my skin and eyes started to clear up (from my seborrheic dermatitis which i haven’t blogged about yet) and my mood and appetite came back. Bryan and I have been eating a lot for these past 2-3 weeks. Those weeks that I followed a strict diet of fruits and veggies he as well tried his best to Avoid eating too much whenever we go out together. That’s why as soon as ive finally felt a whole lot better we went back to our usual bonding which is to eat/eating (im not blaming my period/menstrual cravings but i must say, it has a huge part on why i have eaten too much since last week, girls will relate to this.)  

Bryan and I likes trying different restaurants especially those unconventional ones and mostly japanese/korean or any asian food restaurants as he likes Ramen a Lot! Actually we have a really varying taste buds, I like italian foods (pizza and pasta!) while he likes asian foods. However, ive noticed that the more i eat asian foods, the more i begin to enjoy these kinds of cuisine,but still, i can’t and will never say no to a piece of pizza! hehe the loyalty is still there. 

I can say that this is one of the things that we enjoy and we talk about whenever we’re together, eating and foods. 

Most of the photos below are posted on my instagram as well:  


If there’s any japanese food that I really couldnt resist, that would be california maki! And so far, Akira’s california maki are the best makis that ive tasted!   Quite pricey but definitely worth a try!

Another restaurant that we’ve tried is the newly opened Burst restaurant in Alphaland Makati. It was a really cozy place, classic spanish with a touch of Filipino style. 

Since ive tasted my workmate’s delicious baked oysters, i fell inlove and have been looking for places where we can buy baked oysters, luckily we found in Burst that they serve baked oysters that they call Burst oysters (well, of course)  its good but my workmate’s baked oysters are still the best!  


And lastly, from this week. We tried eating at Ramen achiban ka located around Malate. It is just a small restaurant but everything is in Japanese. I cant even comprehend the things and words posted on the walls and on the menu, credits for the english translations at the end of each japanese words.  


While eating i was telling bryan that i wasnt really into the taste of the Ajichiban ramen but he approves it and he ended up finishing my bowl of Ramen. He asked me if i wanted anything else and so I ordered the shrimp tempura. Thank Goodness I did, they tasted so delish! 

Whew, talking about All the foods that we have tried makes me feel so full!! definitely blogging more of our food adventures together! 🙂