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Gone are the days

Maybe Im crazy or maybe im just overanalyzing things but i sure know that something is different,something is not the same between us.

7 years, i cannot lie, half of it was a struggle but the other half was full of butterflies in the stomach and sunny days. Happy days still makes me smile but on the other side i have a heavy heart.

Past few months was definitely a down time. A lot of things had happened and there’s still some concerns that i cannot find the answer. Maybe it was the truth but my mind tells me otherwise. I do not know if im just refusing to believe or this is what my gut is telling me. Either way, Im afraid. Im afraid that Im right all along. 

Giving it up would be easy. We already went through that,many times and still counting. Just wondering how long will i count, how long will i wait? Would it be worth it or we’re both wasting time? 

Honestly i feel sad for you, I know how much effort you’ve put in this relationship but that effort is not enough for what i am feeling right now. Honestly, im still hurting. I want you to move, get out of the way from your comfort zone and show me how much you care or me. Im longing! 

I hate morning thoughts.

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Self help

I know for the past 7 years ive been unfair. Ive been inconsiderate as i only think about myself and what other people will say. This is not only in my relationship but also my way with other people especially at work, my family and friends. 

I don’t know where and how it happened but ill can never tell any specific experience that made mr this way. I do not even know if this has anything to do with genetics but  im somehow positive that it is! Moving on with this, Ive created a list in which would help me be aware and be objective when it comes to my attitude. I know that everyone’s character has already been molded but does not mean that you can never have the mindset to somehow act on what is appropriate. 

This list will hopefully help me understand my emotions, how to handle them effectively and how to communicate with people. 


Honestly, I think that everyone can change if we put our minds into it and if we let go of the unnecessary thoughts in our head. 

Im just starting a bit late but a start is always a good start. This will help not only myself but my future relationships and goals.