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Change of Plans

There are a lot of changes happening not only in my physical and emotional aspect but really my life will turn and is currently turning 360. Early last year I had plenty of plans, most of them happened and some got lost along the way. This year, I do have a major revamp when it comes to my goals and plans especially that I am now going to be a Mom! Can’t imagine that someone will call me Mommy or Mama, months or years from now. Anyway, moving back to what Im saying.. of course the changes in my life is now because of my little one and my soon to be family.

2013, I Just moved to my new work. I got tired of being a Nurse and can’t see my self pursuing this career any longer, plan of working abroad as a Nurse went downhill . Around 2014, I became financially aware, I got myself my first Insurance and investment plan and reading from all the financial sites and advisors, I think that I made a great decision to continue and be committed to it (I mean, who does not want to prepare for the future?) Then, before I got pregnant, I got another one with a different plan and proposal and I signed the deal a few months after I found out that I was indeed pregnant. Plan of investing and saving up is on its way. Fast forward to 2015, I got promoted, went on my first ever vacation abroad, started to plan my goals which included having a house of my own (or a condo). The latter one was a long term goal but I am really into it, even thinking of ways on how to save..etc. And now, 2016, my plans and goals now includes my little one and my partner. We’ve been talking about getting married next year and saving up to buy a house 3 years from now. The thought planning is easy but implementing, action plans are a bit messy. Thinking about having a baby, I don’t think I’ll have the capacity to plan my wedding. haha! But, lets see I am not even in a hurry to get married. Honestly, I’d rather plan and save up for a house than a glamorous wedding. Plus, having a baby is a total pocket pain already.

Again, I am excited but somehow nervous and afraid that I might not live up to my own expectations with regards to these goals that I am planning. Bryan and I have been talking about this a lot and I’m just glad that we are on the same page when it comes to planning our family. Whew, who would have thought that I am now having a family with him, last time I check we’re on the verge but now we are confident with each other. Just keeping my fingers crossed about all of this. 🙂

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Go away!!

Aside from dengue, right now, aedes egypti is said to be carrying another critical virus (zika) that mostly affects pregnant women and especially their babies inside. I am truly scared of this and like any other excited mom to be. I bought safe and organic products to protect us from these harmful mosquitos.

imageimageand so I bought this bye bye mosquito repellent patch. What i like about this patch is that is can cover up to 12hrs protection from mosquitos, you just have to place it on your clothers. What i do not like is that it can only protect around 40lbs of your body if you are an adult and that means i have to put one patch on my upper body and another to cover my other half.

Another one that i bought is the Bug shield oil repellent from Human heart nature! I have always loved Human heart nature because of its nature loving advocacy. The mosquito patch is deet free and so is the bug shield. I love this product because i love putting oils on my body. hehe! The smell is strong but soothing (citronella) and the small drop of oil can go a long way,it can cover huge parts of my body. What disappoints me is that it can only last up to 4hrs of protection so i need to reapply often. (apologies for the picture, sunflower beauty oil was included, i might do a review for that product next time). All in, i do think that prevention is still the best and these products are both really effective in keeping me off from insect and mosquito bites!





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Im letting you in..

So this post will be a bit personal and of most my closest friends already knows this. From my last post, I was very happy. I am still very happy and I cannot contain the emotions that I’m feeling everyday because of this new journey that I’m experiencing, the first few months were a roller coaster ride. I don’t really post about this on my social network accounts, well, there would be a times that I gave hints but I don’t think I have given enough hints. To be honest, I don’t really care what other people would say. I just care about those persons who are close to my heart and truly understands the situation. I’m sure, they’re just as excited as I am to see my little happiness. If you finally get it, yes, I’m Pregnant!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I know it happened out of wedlock but we have to understand that we are now living in a modern day and age and these things happen. (you know?!hehe) What I do know and believe is that we love each other so much that this happened. LOL. We were both very thrilled especially that we  found out few weeks ago that we’re having a baby Boy. 🙂 I’ve been having a hard time looking for names and I’m having itch to buy baby things but I just have to restrain myself because you know, I don’t want to cause any bad luck of this.

As of the moment, we are very glad that a blessing is coming our way. From all our setbacks last year. This little happiness has been giving us high hopes for this year and for the coming years. We have not yet planned our wedding but as much as possible we would like to focus more on this little blessing. I heard that it will be really hard for the first few months and year. Surely, A lot of struggles will happen but thinking that I will be seeing his small cute face, arrghh I just can’t wait!! I can still remember the first time I felt the “kick” a few weeks ago. I just can’t believe that I’m carrying a life under this fat tummy. I am currently on my 21 weeks and next week will be the start of my 6th month. Some of my workmates (who see me everyday) says that my bump is still a bit small and I read somewhere that it is just common since this is my first pregnancy. Truly, second trimester is the best , I got rid of all the nausea and vomiting and I can now eat every thing that I want.

So why am I Writing all of this now? It’s because I want to continue blogging, especially that this blog of mine will soon to be all about having a baby and on to motherhood and having family and kids. Whew, time was so fast! Last time I remember, I started blogging during my 4th year college ( and tumblr days), then I continued until I got my first job, second and now my third job. I already posted a lot of things here including my heartbreaks (with the same person), work issues, skin and health problems, family problems and even my goals in life and I just want this to continue until I cannot type anymore. hehe! More to come! 🙂