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Weekly bump at 25

So this week I am on my 25 weeks. 2 more weeks and its the start of my 7 months.

What amazes me nowadays is that he is moving more frequently and getting stronger by the day. He moves up, down, twists and turns all over my round tummy I can’t even imagine his current position and what he is doing.

I noticed that he moves energetically during the time I wake up and at night when I’m preparing to sleep. Also he moves or kicks whenever I eat something sweet or when I’m so full. There was one time that Bryan and I were on a date and my little one keeps on kicking, I let Bryan to feel my tummy and he smiled when he felt the kick. It’s just those simple things that makes me feel relieved that he is doing well and fine.

Aside from the little movements.. I also noticed a lot of prominent Physical changes that’s happening to me in this journey. My feet getting all fat (by fat I mean a bit swollen but not too swollen), I need to buy shoes and sandals that are 1 size higher than my previous ones. I even have this tiny stool in my office so that I could raise my feet every time I feel tired. Also, since tummy is getting bigger, I am having a hard time looking for clothes that would fit me! My hips also gets really sore and gums bleed easily. So far, no stretchmarks but I make sure to put my sunflower oil every night on my tummy. My current vitamins are: Natalbes, Hemarate FA, Probiotics and 1glass of Milk a day. Also, currently  using all organic products as much as possible (It is expensive to get pregnant, so what more when he’s out! haha)

Since my bump is a bit prominent nowadays, I get to experience the perks of being pregnant! People asks me to sit on train rides and I get to have the advantage of not standing in long lines anymore. 🙂 I could get used to this!

Next Month, around 2nd week of April we are scheduled to have our 3D/4D ultrasound to see his face. Will he look like me or Bryan? Hopefully Bryan! haha! Well babies inside the womb, they all looked the same! haha! Anyway, whoever he takes after, we’ll definitely love every bits and pieces of him!!

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My Style

A few days ago. My Manager told me that I have a “Coachella kind of style”, not really sure about that but when I heard coachella, the first thing that went into my mind is Boho. One of my friends also told me that her sister likes my style so much, according to her she sees me in Korean style of dressing. Well, that’s two different style I guess?

Honestly, I have no particular style. I actually see my self as a conservative one in clothing myself. I don’t really wear short shorts or mini skirts or string straps. You can only count the days that I wear dresses (well except nowadays, because I am pregnant and one of the perks is you can wear dresses, of course since pants would no longer fit you. lol)

Aside from Vanessa Anne Hudgens (my ultimate style I also love  few fashion bloggers. I do get some of my style from their blogs, I check on their instagrams and see if I can copy or follow their trend but still keeping my own simple touch on it.

Here are some of my style/fashion inspirations:

First one is:





Yep, her name is Bestie! I once saw her in Bloggers united. She’s very soft spoken and cute! Her style is quirky, fun with a vintage aura on it. I like that she is very petite but every outfit she wears looks fab on her, you’ll not notice her height!hehe! If you’ll check her blog you’ll see how much she likes anchors, polka dots, florals, laces and everything dainty (just like me!). I like it in particular that she wears a lot of midriff skirts and matches it with cute tops or sweaters. She is also confessed that she buys at thrift stores for some of her outfits. I would definitely love to be her Bestie!

Another one is

She is a mom of two girls, a musician and she can sew! She creates a lot of DIY stuffs. On her blog there are different features and I like visiting her weekly wears. Who would have thought that she’s already a mom, right? What I like about her is that she is very playful when it comes to her style. She wears bright colors if she wants to and she can match everything with her hair color!




She even have tattoos and they look neat on her. For me, only few persons can wear or have a tattoo without looking like a rugged mop (peace!) and for me, she’s one of those persons! hehe! – Ive been following this blog since College days. I remember Jessica when she cut her hair like Cressida of the Hunger games, that was years ago. Her blog name is Jess loves Fred because Fred is her camera. She’s Also another thrift buyer.1370499
What I like about her is that her style is Sexy, fit, sporty and classy. How I wish my body was like hers but I can only wonder. lol

Looveee the outfit below!!


And last but not the least. The one that I just started following.. well because I am currently pregnant :

She’s been pregnant 3 times and currently on her 3rd and has just given birth. She’s been blogging about her every maternity outfit and I just wish I can have all her maternity clothes. But now that she already gave birth, I think I must find another maternity inpiration. haha!


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


I wish I can wear ripped jeans while pregnant, my jeans are not fitting well anymore.

I feel very appreciated and flattered whenever friends or anyone compliments the way I dress myself. I do think that it is not really about the brand or how much it costs because I just usually buy my clothes on thrift stores and I try to alter them since I know how to sew But, once you know what you really want..and you found what suits you and you are comfortable with it then go ahead. You can  have your own style without spending too much or dressing up too much 🙂 .

If you have time, visit my favorite blogs!! 🙂






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Best ones

So yesterday was supposed to be my appoinment with my OB but she had to cancel her clinic yesterday for a close monitoring patient who’s in labor. However, in the afternoon i had a scheduled meet up with my highschool best friends Irene and Michelle, since it was also Irene’s birthday we granted her wish to go to Venice Piazza in Taguig because she wants to see it so much. I’ve never seen it as well only in pictures so we went. 

The structures are well designed just like the Real Grand Canal. Although we still cannot ride the boats, the view were already enough for the time being. Its also good that we went there on a Thursday as it is not overcrowded. 

I took a few candid photos..

Well this one, is not candid because i asked them to walk towards me like im a paparazzi wannabe. lol

It turned out well and legit!haha!

Of course I had a few solo shots.. I don want to waste the view.

My tummy is already showing!

after that we were so hungry we went straight to Resorts World to eat at Ichiba, too bad they’re out  of Ramen, nevertheless we still enjoyed  the food and time together. 



happy birthday chucks! 

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Filled up March

Aside from my growing tummy. A lot of news came early this month. My Medical tests were all cleared (thank Goodness!), well except for the OGCT in which I will be receiving tomorrow (hoping that it will be as normal as possible, if not im We also heard the news that my sister and her family will be moving to Malaysia this coming May, my Brother in law is working there so my Sister and Oli will have to stay there as well. It’s a bit urgent and I’ll definitely miss my first niece.

What’s more is that on April (more or less) I will be moving as well to Bryan’s family house. We finally decided that I’ll move there since for the mean time we are saving up for a lot of things. I’m a bit worried that I’ll be away from my Mother and Father. I’ve never been away from them aside from vacations or other school activities before and it will be really emotionally difficult for me especially that I’m pregnant. Also, I had a little catch up with few of my closest Highschool friends and they are all seemed to be happy for me and for Bryan.

Right now, I am trying to do as much until I can (a lot of shopping, traveling or going out with friends, errands etc) because I know that once this tummy is fully grown and living in Bryan’s house, there will be a lot of  things that I will have to limit or have to fully stop doing.

I’ve also been receiving question on what will be the name of our little man but as of writing we’re still unsettled about it. We can’t seem to agree on this one yet. hehe! Hopefully before I turn 8 or 9 months we’ll be able to find the best name. 🙂


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6 months

It’s already March and definitely time is really out of hand and im now on my 6th month of my pregnancy. I remembered the song from Hey Monday, 6 months and the lyrics says it all..

‘So please, give me a lesson on how to steal, steal a heart

As fast as you stole mine, as you stole mine’

I am still in awe that a life is growing inside me and i am falling more in love as time goes by. True enough with the song lyrics. Some one can really steal your heart in a flash of light. To be honest, there are times that i feel sad because I still want to do a lot of things, like traveling, vacation, fun activities with friends and now that i am having a baby, a lot of these things will stop or lessen. But, on the otherside, I feel excited and glad that I’ll finally have someone whom i can definitely call mine, my truest love and my life. Every kick that i feel, i get amazed. 6 months and i still have 3 more months before i see him. See you very soon 🙂