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Weekly bump at 25

So this week I am on my 25 weeks. 2 more weeks and its the start of my 7 months. What amazes me nowadays is that he is moving more frequently and getting stronger by the day. He moves up, down, twists and turns all over my round tummy I can't even imagine his current… Continue reading Weekly bump at 25

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My Style

A few days ago. My Manager told me that I have a "Coachella kind of style", not really sure about that but when I heard coachella, the first thing that went into my mind is Boho. One of my friends also told me that her sister likes my style so much, according to her she… Continue reading My Style

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Moving closer

My sister and I was really not in good terms before but nowadays..we seem to talk every now and then and she is very supportive of my pregnancy journey. Today I came home with 3 maternity dresses, leggings and 2 books to read about labor and delivery and being a first time Mom.    Excited… Continue reading Moving closer

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Best ones

So yesterday was supposed to be my appoinment with my OB but she had to cancel her clinic yesterday for a close monitoring patient who's in labor. However, in the afternoon i had a scheduled meet up with my highschool best friends Irene and Michelle, since it was also Irene's birthday we granted her wish… Continue reading Best ones

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Filled up March

Aside from my growing tummy. A lot of news came early this month. My Medical tests were all cleared (thank Goodness!), well except for the OGCT in which I will be receiving tomorrow (hoping that it will be as normal as possible, if not im We also heard the news that my sister and… Continue reading Filled up March

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6 months

It's already March and definitely time is really out of hand and im now on my 6th month of my pregnancy. I remembered the song from Hey Monday, 6 months and the lyrics says it all.. 'So please, give me a lesson on how to steal, steal a heart As fast as you stole mine,… Continue reading 6 months