Advice To My Future Son On How To Handle Your Love Life Like A Real Man — Thought Catalog

contentoAs I’m writing this, I haven’t met your mother yet. Your Dad probably has a lot of growing up to do before he’s lucky enough to meet your mom. Be that as it may, I feel obliged to share this advice with you, not only for guidance, but also as a forewarning. By the time… via… Continue reading Advice To My Future Son On How To Handle Your Love Life Like A Real Man — Thought Catalog

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Weekly Bump at 30

I am honestly confused on how many weeks I am this week. Last Check up my doctor said im 27 weeks, the reliever said im 29. As per ultrasound I am 29 going 30 weeks. So Im going to stick to week 30 because my due is around first week of July 9-12 I guess.… Continue reading Weekly Bump at 30

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Just my 2 cents: May Election

Here in the Philippines, election day is just 2 weeks away. And for the past few weeks, or months I have been seeing a lot of posts, rants and opinions of other people, especially my friends on social Media about the different candidates for Presidency. I do respect their opinions and this is a free… Continue reading Just my 2 cents: May Election

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Weekend bonding

Since I got pregnant and since I still live with my parents and so is Bryan it has been our weekly habit that he would spend his weekends with us. Last night was a bit unexpected as our parents met for the first time. It was a quick encounter and it was only my mom… Continue reading Weekend bonding


Baby Shower Planning

I visited my OB last thursday and all is soo good. His heartbeat is around 150 and the cramps that I felt a few weeks ago were all gone. So I guess everything is fine with me and baby. She said that my next appointment would be on May 19 and after that I'll see… Continue reading Baby Shower Planning

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A Glimpse

Last Saturday we went at Baby Ultrasound and Co. in Robinsons Malate. They said that we could go as walk in and there's no need to call for an appointment but there is a cut off. We came around 2pm, there are already a lot of people but the doctor is not yet available so… Continue reading A Glimpse

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Weekly Bump at 28

This week I am already on my 28th weeks. As mentioned, I have been taking Utrogestran for 5 days and today is the fifth day. I am still having those cramps but somehow tolerable. I will have to inform my OB about this on my next check up.(I hope that this is nothing to worry… Continue reading Weekly Bump at 28