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contentoAs I’m writing this, I haven’t met your mother yet. Your Dad probably has a lot of growing up to do before he’s lucky enough to meet your mom. Be that as it may, I feel obliged to share this advice with you, not only for guidance, but also as a forewarning. By the time…

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Weekly Bump at 30

I am honestly confused on how many weeks I am this week. Last Check up my doctor said im 27 weeks, the reliever said im 29. As per ultrasound I am 29 going 30 weeks. So Im going to stick to week 30 because my due is around first week of July 9-12 I guess. See?even my due date is indefinite! haha!

Anyway, My bump is so big now!photo 1

I don’t even have time to take pictures anymore because I feel so fat! hehe. Also, this is my only decent selfie for this week. hehe! I think that my nose is getting fat too. haha! My hair is so long I am tempted to cut it,as it is becoming hard to manage with this kind of weather. Hair color is also on the loose. I think I have a lot to do with my hair months after I deliver Mason. I still use the same thing with my face, face powder only and lip tint to make me look human. #nofilter Lol.

photo 2

Another thing is I am bit excited and busy for Mason’s baby shower. I have created an event on Facebook to know who will be able to attend the celebration. And Collaborated with an online store, we opt to have my wishlist on the Site:

Mason’s Baby Shower -BabyOle.ph


I still have lots to do for the giveaways and thank goodness we’ll have a long weekend I’ll be able to prepare and complete some of them.

Going back to my bump, Mason is always on a graveyard shift! haha. He is seems to be moving late midnight and early morning. It is becoming difficult to sleep because I get distracted when he kicks and moves. Also, I am a bit disappointed with myself because I can’t seem to control my habit of eating sweets! Especially for ice creams, halo halo and anything cold and sweet. It is so hot nowadays and I can’t say no to these foods! I don’t want to regret any of this so I need to be strict next Month and until my due date. 🙂

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Just my 2 cents: May Election

Here in the Philippines, election day is just 2 weeks away. And for the past few weeks, or months I have been seeing a lot of posts, rants and opinions of other people, especially my friends on social Media about the different candidates for Presidency. I do respect their opinions and this is a free country, freedom to express is an advantage that we should all take note and use of. It’s good because we all have the right to do that while in other countries they are reserved and restricted. But, sometimes this right is being taken advantage of, and for me too much opinion can be a bit annoying.

What makes me really irritated is when people or even friends fight because they all have different sides and perspective about a specific candidate. Some might even force to manipulate your own thoughts and ideas and it is honestly hideous. I mean its good to let the people well informed. As a voter it is important to be informed and aware but to the point of even spilling appalling comments about another person or candidate is a big NO NO.

I must admit that I also did those things  before but I realized that if you will look at all the candidates for the next President of the Philippines. The saying “you cannot please everybody” totally applies. They are being themselves, during the debates, campaigns and interviews and if you are dismayed with their attitude, thoughts and platforms, it may not be the same to other voters and you just have to deal with that.

Let’s keep it simple (although I know being a President is a huge responsibility), it is just like having new friends, if you think that you are not like-minded then a relationship will have to be  as civilized as possible. There’s is no need to talk bad about that person but instead move on and find someone you can be yourself with.

Honestly I am still not sure who to vote for, I am still looking at the possibilities and what they can offer for our Country. What I hope for is that whoever that next President is, I know that it is not an easy task. A lot of criticism will come but he/she must be able to do what’s best and keep his/her composure no matter what. 🙂 Imagine what good could it be if we all just start with ourselves and support the next President.



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Weekend bonding

Since I got pregnant and since I still live with my parents and so is Bryan it has been our weekly habit that he would spend his weekends with us. Last night was a bit unexpected as our parents met for the first time. It was a quick encounter and it was only my mom and his dad. Although it was just a quick one, it is nice that they already saw each other.

Anyway,  going back to our weekends together. We would usually just stay here at home, eat sleep and then talk about our plans and eat again.heh! Today was a bit different, he was working because he brought his laptop. We ordered pizza but it never came. lol wut?! So I was already turning into hulk because I was really hungry already. Since he was also hungry we went out to the nearest mall.

We ate shabu shabu and took some photos. I told him that we do not take photos anymore and imiss having new ones with him. Also we love trying new dishes and restaurants and its worth taking a memory.

I noticed that I am already getting chubbier. hehe!

Nothings special about this day but I realized that It is just one of those days that every relationship needs. Nothing extravagant, just the time together, doing the things you enjoy (for us it is Eating!) is enough to know that you make each other happy.

I know Bryan and I will have a lot more of days like this! He promised that nothing will change even if mason is out. We will still go out and eat and have a date atleast once a month?! lol. Fair enough.


Baby Shower Planning

I visited my OB last thursday and all is soo good. His heartbeat is around 150 and the cramps that I felt a few weeks ago were all gone. So I guess everything is fine with me and baby. She said that my next appointment would be on May 19 and after that I’ll see her every 2 weeks since my due date is early July. 

Anyway, Since my due date is so near and we havent got any thing for baby we decided to have a Baby Shower. I know my Family is not really into parties and would even say that this is just another expense but Bryan and I would want to have this party because aside from it would be an occasion to see each other’s families. But we also would want our friends to know that even though Mason is not planned,we are very happy to welcome him in this beautiul world and cannot wait to hug and kiss him!! 

More on this, I cannot imagine arranging all of this alone especially that I am pregnant!haha! Thank goodness, my two bestfriends are more than willing to help out. The venue is at Shakeys, we just invited a few close friends and it would be on the first week of May. Yesterday, we went out for a meeting regarding the party. We talked about what games ad materials are needed and they also discussed about the Decorations for the party place and tables. They have a lot of ideas! I told them that I want the theme to be mustaches and blue and white. After a long discussion. We went to buy the materials needed. I informed them that the shower favors would be my task as I would want to thank all the guests. I opted to go for large cookies and DIY wrap. Also I bought prizes for the games! They bought The rest of the decors.

I am just so excited that We would be organizing a party together. And more excited that this is for my baby mason! 🙂 wish us luck!

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A Glimpse

Last Saturday we went at Baby Ultrasound and Co. in Robinsons Malate. They said that we could go as walk in and there’s no need to call for an appointment but there is a cut off. We came around 2pm, there are already a lot of people but the doctor is not yet available so we filled up forms and chose our package: 3D with fetal biometry we did not opt to have 4d because aside from it is expensive is that we do not think we would be able to watch it often, it is more important to know that he is moving everyday.
Anyway, since the doctor/ob Sonographer is not yet around we strolled around the mall and canvassed for Bryan’s laptop. I get tired easily so we would sit every now and then. Finally around 5:30pm we decided to wait inside the room since the doctor already came. At 6, I was called in.

The ambiance of the ultrasound room is very relaxing, they have a huge monitor in front of the bed for us to see the baby. Also, the bed is very homie, I mean it just feels like you are at home with the prints and the pillows. They have a huge couch at the bedside, it is where the dads would sit to watch the monitor and to be near the mommies.

So the ultrasound started, KY jelly was put on and the very nice sonographer maneuvered over my tummy. I was a bit nervous (what if there’s something wrong!?) for the first few videos I’m not sure what I am seeing haha! (its blurry and I do not have my eye glasses on! huhu) But once the OB checked my baby’s face, I swear I felt my face lit up as well. Baby was so stubborn he keep on covering his face with his hands. I also saw him cry because the OB and assistant were trying to distract him by touching and moving my tummy. But being stubborn as he is, he insisted. We were not able to capture a good photo so the OB suggested we walk and allow my bladder to be full and come back in a few minutes.

After walking we came back and there is no patient left. So we proceeded again with the ultrasound. Still he was very stubborn, they kept on touching and moving my tummy, I have to change my position sideways so that we can see his face. And after a few twist and turns we saw his face, and he even smiled!!

The OB said he looks like his father but also got a few of my features. I guess, he got his father’s nose! His cheeks were so chubby that made me think to lessen my sweets and carbs, I’m sorry baby.

Here are some of his 3d photos

I’mreally in love with his nose! haha, I remembered i kept touching Bryan’s nose because i like it so much.

We were really happy that day. Pictures are enough for the meantime as we wait for him. Bryan was so so happy that he even posted it on Facebook, in which I allowed since I am so proud as well..hi-hi!

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Weekly Bump at 28

This week I am already on my 28th weeks. As mentioned, I have been taking Utrogestran for 5 days and today is the fifth day. I am still having those cramps but somehow tolerable. I will have to inform my OB about this on my next check up.(I hope that this is nothing to worry about) Also, this weekend we will be having our 3d/4d ultrasound, I am so so excited. Nothing much has happened so far for this week but I noticed that his movements are more prominent and more often. Sometimes, I get hurt but it’s okay. If I do not feel him move for hours or when I woke up in the morning I get really really frustrated and worried.

I also hate it when I read stories on Facebook about miscarriages, sudden infant death or other sad stories about pregnancy and babies. I tend to get worried easily and my imagination becomes really active, I start to think of negative things. So, might as well stop reading those things. Also, I think my tummy is quite small for someone who’s turning or currently in their 7th month, the reason why I keep on eating.haha! And… Still no stretchmarks! What bothers me most are those mosquito/insect bites that tends to leave scar/dark marks when I scratch them, but it’s fine as long as I don’t get Zika or Dengue (I still use my Bug shield of course!)

My mother also bought me new sets of sleep wears, I can’t seem to fit to my shorts anymore and since it is summer, it is better to wear comfy and thin clothes.

So far, everything is going fine. Days are turning in so fast and next thing we know, I’ll be in the labor room. Lol.