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Another year, A new beginning

Last May 20, I celebrated my 28th birthday. I really do not have any plans for that day but my College friends wanted to have a mini overnight get together on my birthday so I agreed. Before we went at Azure Urban residences. I treated my Mom and Oli to have a brunch out, just… Continue reading Another year, A new beginning

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Weekly Bump at 34

I am now 34 weeks! Which means I am now 8 1/2 months pregnant! Omg! My due date is also a month away!! I cannot contain myself anymore, I am so excited everyday. As my due date is coming, I am getting more uncomfortable and with limited movements. Mason is also very active, he is… Continue reading Weekly Bump at 34

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Fiesta Feast

Last weekend, we went to Bryan's hometown in Pampanga. Not really his hometown but rather to his Father's. He insisted that I should come because he wants me to meet his relatives there. The travel was not that long.. we left the house at around 10am and came there at lunch time. There were a… Continue reading Fiesta Feast

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Came to work today not feeling well. My stomach is grumbling and I am having LBM (TMI! Sorry!). Good thing the weather today is humid and not too hot, so I did not suffer from too much sweat going to the office. When I came, my Manager was murmuring something, I did not hear exactly… Continue reading Blessings

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Weekly Bump at 31

Or 32? haha! Still not sure though but definitely between these weeks. Tummy has grown bigger and I gained few pounds again. So for these past few days I've been struggling with: Heartburn, Indigestion and Muscle pain (especially on my hips and lower back while sleeping). I've been peeing a lot and I cannot hold… Continue reading Weekly Bump at 31

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Lil Man Mason’s Baby Shower DIYs

Last Sunday which is apparently also Mother's day (my first!) was also Mason's Baby shower. As I mentioned in my previous post, my bestfriends and I did and created every detail for the the party. Weeks before the party we were already planning. I told them that I would like a Mustache theme because I… Continue reading Lil Man Mason’s Baby Shower DIYs

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Post Baby Shower Update

Yes! It was a success!! We were able to pull off a very simple celebration for our Little man Mason. Although there were some unexpected events, like some of our invited guests didn't show up on the party 😦 we truly understand that due to the Schedule itself which is also Mother's day, some really… Continue reading Post Baby Shower Update