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Another year, A new beginning

Last May 20, I celebrated my 28th birthday. I really do not have any plans for that day but my College friends wanted to have a mini overnight get together on my birthday so I agreed. Before we went at Azure Urban residences. I treated my Mom and Oli to have a brunch out, just a simple eat out to celebrate my birthday with them and it will be our Last eat out with Oli because during that time there were only 2 days left before she leaves for Malaysia with my Sister.




After our mini celebration, I went and met up with Sheryl so we could go together. It was just a simple get together, we met MarianneΒ at SM Bicutan and then to the condo unit that we had reserved. Marianne was assigned to bring the essentials during out stay there, snacks, coffee, water and utensils.

Sheryl, bought a cake for me because I’ve been bugging them to by me a cake already haha! I bought our Lunch and Joyce bought our lunch for the next day.

As soon as we got to the place, we were so hungry so we ate our Lunch but they only ate the Pizza. After that we fixed our things and prepared to go swimming.



They were insisting that I have my photo taken showing my Bump, but this was all that I could give! LOL

IMG_8113I kinda look like Β Humpy Dumpy . hehe!

After swimming, we stayed for a few more minutes and talked. We were only the few ones left in the swimming area. While talking to each other and catching up, Bryan texted me and wanted to see me on my Birthday. He was out for work in their client around Sucat (good thing!). So I agreed and provided him the details of the place we are staying at so he could join us for dinner.

As soon as he got to our place. Me and my friends decided to take pictures with the Cake. Yep, everything was just for Photo op! hahaha!


So since Bryan came, my friends were teasing us and suggested that the two of us eat at the restaurant by the pool. They were insisting that Bryan and I have an intimate dinner together. So we agreed again.


This was the restaurant in the middle of the Pool area.

Nothing extravagant but it was just a simple dinner of me celebrating my Birthday with my two Boys πŸ™‚


It was also raining a bit during that time, as they say if it is raining on your birthday, it just means that you’ll be full of blessings for the coming year. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

I am now 28 years old, never imagined that I’ll be pregnant on my 28th birthday but I think that this is the best birthday gift so far. It was unexpected, nothing that we planned but so happy it happened. This coming year will be full of struggles, adjustments and will definitely be exhausting but I am looking forward to all of it because I have my two boys with me.

Thankful for another year, a new beginning and our soon bundle of joy.

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Weekly Bump at 34

I am now 34 weeks! Which means I am now 8 1/2 months pregnant! Omg! My due date is also a month away!! I cannot contain myself anymore, I am so excited everyday. As my due date is coming, I am getting more uncomfortable and with limited movements. Mason is also very active, he is making a lot of painful moves but I am happy.

Today, I had my check up with my OB and she said that it seems that everything is going fine with me and the baby. She said that I am not having any swelling of legs or feet and it’s good. Also, my weight gain is just fine and my bowel movements/urine are all okay.

Also, what made my day today (even though, I had a rough time going to work due to the intense weather) is that I received a message from our Client/LO in London, congratulating me on our new addition to our family.Such a nice Guy!


Also, as per my OB, I can start my ML end of June as it will be my 39th week. Oh how time really flies. I am quite nervous and excited all at the same time. Everyday I talk to him asking him to make it easy for me to do labor. hehe!

Anyway, I have a lot of pending posts to do, My birthday celebration, our stay at Azure and the surprise from my childhood friends! Will catch up on these this weekend! πŸ™‚

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Fiesta Feast

Last weekend, we went to Bryan’s hometown in Pampanga. Not really his hometown but rather to his Father’s. He insisted that I should come because he wants me to meet his relatives there.

The travel was not that long.. we left the house at around 10am and came there at lunch time. There were a lot of people, I do not know them but I kept on asking for their hands to “Mano” (a gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders). I met his cousins and aunts which were all very accommodated. After eating we all went to their room and some of us slept because most of us are really tired and was not able to sleep well or have no sleep at all due to their work (I had only a few hours of sleep because Mason keeps on moving until 3am! I even tried to wake Bryan up but he is too sleepy)

After a few hours of sleep, we all went to the nearby Church the San Isidro Labrador church to Pray (no mass when we came). Then, we went to another house of their relative for our Dinner. There were a lot of different dishes and all were delicious.

It was a very hot, tiring but full day. I am happy that I was able to meet his relatives. I hope someday, I would be able to bring him to Capiz as well to meet my big family tree soon with Mason πŸ™‚

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Came to work today not feeling well. My stomach is grumbling and I am having LBM (TMI! Sorry!). Good thing the weather today is humid and not too hot, so I did not suffer from too much sweat going to the office.

When I came, my Manager was murmuring something, I did not hear exactly but she said that she has some good news for me. So what’s the Good news? (Honestly, I am not sure what it will be, as we know, our company will be moving to a different building late this year and a bit concern with the transportation and for the travel time and expenses of my team members). Everything is at risk, even I am thinking of the pros and cons and if resigning is the best option if the new location is really far.

But, I think, every time that I think about resigning some thing good comes up! So as I was saying, the Good news is that I will be having a Market Adjustment (not a promotion to clarify) but an increase or realignment of my salary for Leads.When I heard this, I was really happy especially that I will be giving birth soon. I guess it is true that a baby is a Blessing. πŸ™‚ But still hoping that the announcement for tomorrow regarding the new building will be for the benefit of all.

So for now, I’m Just keeping the positive vibe and that every thing is for the better. Thank you Lord for another blessing. πŸ™‚

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Weekly Bump at 31

Or 32? haha! Still not sure though but definitely between these weeks. Tummy has grown bigger and I gained few pounds again. So for these past few days I’ve been struggling with: Heartburn, Indigestion and Muscle pain (especially on my hips and lower back while sleeping). I’ve been peeing a lot and I cannot hold it any longer unlike before! I drink a lot too so maybe the reason why I pee every hour. It is getting hard to sleep because he likes to move a lot during the night. Lol.

I have finally posted it on my Facebook that I am pregnant, some got surprised but I am so happy that is why I am not afraid anymore of what people might say. Baby Shower as mentioned was a blast, so happy for all that came and to my friends who did not but made sure to send their regards and gifts through and to those who sent messages on Facebook. The support that we’re getting is really overwhelming.

I get easily stressed at work nowadays, I know it’s not good but I am trying to divert my attention whenever that happens. Also, I thought that I have already gotten over all the drama during my first trimester but it seems that I still get really emotional at times. And oh! BTW, Election is done and are currently on the process of Vote counting. I hope that my newsfeed will be back to normal once all the elected positions is confirmed.

Whilst writing this, Mason is moving nonstop, my OB told me that I should start counting his kicks and that should be 10 kicks/moves in an hour but I think he is doing more than 10 kicks already. Well, nevertheless it just means that he is healthy and doing just fine. Almost 9 weeks left for me to enjoy Mason inside my tummy before I see him. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Lil Man Mason’s Baby Shower DIYs

Last Sunday which is apparently also Mother’s day (my first!) was also Mason’s Baby shower. As I mentioned in my previous post, my bestfriends and I did and created every detail for the the party.

Weeks before the party we were already planning. I told them that I would like a Mustache theme because I saw one post on the internet about it and fell inlove. I couldnt do the Navy theme because Bryan is not a Marine or what haha so Mustache is the best option and it is easy to draw or cut out.

2weeks before the event we went out and had a dinner at a mall in which we imagined what we would want the party to be. Most of the plans about the backdrop, centerpiece and the cake are from them. we bought the materials, went to daiso,national bookstore and grocery to buy them. I told them that the cupcakes, games, prizes and favors would be on me because I want to thank the guests personally.

At work, I multitasked, I cut print outs and think of ways in which I can design the favors. I at least had 3 samples before I finally decided on what I want in which I created just 2 days before the party. I asked my work mate to buy huge cookies for me. She got me 6 packs of cookies that’s 660php all in.

A week before the event, we went to Mich’s house so we could start with the decors. It was a hot day, Irene was not even feeling well but they were determined to complete the Diaper cake on that day. I helped out with cut outs. We spent all afternoon and came home past 10pm.

A day before the event, Irene was still a bit off so we just communicated through Facebook and Michelle continued with the plan. I didn’t go because I need to complete the favors and cupcake toppers as well. Also, aside from the diaper cake, I have no idea what they would do with the back drop.

On the day of the event, Bryan and I went out early to buy cupcakes at brownies. They were selling 3 for 100 cakes so we bought 9. That’s 300php. We grabbed a taxi asked to first go to Mich’s house to fetch them. We all went together at the place.

At Shakeys we saw one of our high school friends, Sheryl. The earliest bird of all our guests (an hour early!) She helped out in putting all the decors.

Bryan has not yet uploaded the photos on his DSLR so bear with the Iphone photos I grabbed from my friends’ posts.

This was the final result of all the hardwork. Bryan helped out as well in putting all the banners and letters of Mason’s name.

These were the cookie favors that I personally wrapped.This was just a simple white paper bag with plastic bag inside and I decorated with watashi tape, blue ribbon and the tag. Bryan also helped in packing and wrapping all the cookies with me.

The party prizes, a wooden toiletry set. I bought them at Japan homes for 80php. I bought 5 so its a total of 400php. Added blue ribbons and tags.

The cupcakes and cupcake toppers (i just searched google and printed them out) in which I got the toothpicks from a restaurant a night before the party. Hah!

Of course my favorite cake ever! The three later diaper cake of Mason! This was really effort to do. I saw how tired Mich and Irene were while doing this.

Michelle also created and printed out a stand that says Mason’s Mustache bash! Cute!

let’s not forget the banners!! We bought it at the grocery and Michelle added letters on them!

Β Im not really sure about this haha! But this was the centerpiece for each table.

It was just a simple celebration and I didn’t expect anything for the party decors but everything turned out more than what we hoped for. This is just one of those events and celebrations that we will be having now that we are having Mason. We’re so thankful for my two best friends. Without them this will not be a success. I am truly happy that we have these people to help us out and are very supportive. Looking forward to more party planning with them!!

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Post Baby Shower Update

Yes! It was a success!! We were able to pull off a very simple celebration for our Little man Mason.

Although there were some unexpected events, like some of our invited guests didn’t show up on the party 😦 we truly understand that due to the Schedule itself which is also Mother’s day, some really tried to come but got stuck with their family gatherings and we do agree that Family should come first at all cost, which is why we do understand the situation. However, we have taken note of such case for our future parties or celebrations. So guys, never ever plan a party coinciding with another Holiday or celebrations.

But still, we are happy that there are still family and friends that came to support and celebrated with us on Mason’s welcome party. We are truly humbled and blessed that even though it was a quick one, these people came to share a memorable event for us.This is not really about the gifts but the thoughts and prayers that we are receiving all throughout this journey. We haven’t opened the gifts yet but we are so excited for Mason to use all of them!

As I’ve mentioned in my Facebook account, I am truly happy and blessed that I have a great partner with me who planned and helped as well to make this party a success. He helped in packing and wrapping all the cookies for our favors, he even went out to buy new batteries and SD card for his DSLR which he hasn’t used for a long time!! haha! My best friends who worked really hard for the DIY Diaper cake, backdrop and table displays. I appreciate every single bit!

Also thankful for our families who were there to share happy memories with us. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

For the rest of the Pictures, DIYs and stories about the Baby Shower, I will try to post them on my next blog. πŸ™‚