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Weekly Bump at 36

Whew I am now 36 weeks and 1 day! A lot of things are going on especially at work. We are facing tool issues, delayed deliverables and my tasks are all piling up because I am closer to having my maternity Leave and I need to finish all the pending tasks that I still have and it is really driving me mad these days..

Another thing is that I just moved to Bryan’s house last Monday. A lot of adjusting to do and I am having hard time getting used to the room, their place, his Father and Sister but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to adjust as soon as possible before I give birth. It was been a very tiring and emotional few days in their house. I cried thrice already all for different reasons:

  • Firstly, I am in constant shock for all the things that I am now doing. I folded their clothes, washed the dishes and cleaned our room. All in which I have never consistently done in our House. My mom has always been the one who does all things at home and it was just like that ever since. Another thing that causes my frustrations is that they kept on teasing me because I do not know how to Cook! I honestly bawled my eyes out over that and I really don’t know until when. I know it’s really bad but I just don’t know why I am so emotional.
  • Bryan and I have been fighting a lot recently for the simplest reasons to the huge ones and I am just really tired. I cried yesterday in the afternoon and then at night and the morning after. I just can’t hold on to those feelings anymore.
  • I am having a hard time falling asleep at their house, I am now experiencing headaches and more consistent acid reflux. I am usually up all night, moving all over the place. 😦 I am having issues as well in my bowel movement ,I am not sure if I am just anxious or what because of I just moved but this is really making me really bothered. Also, feeling extra sad nowadays because I miss my Mom, my dog and my old Life.

I still have 3 weeks to go and everything will just be the start of my New Life. I know I need to be stronger and I’m just keeping my hopes up for that. I just honestly wish that Baby Mason is healthy for my Ultrasound next week and once he comes out.




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June thoughts

Now that my due date is coming, I am feeling that a lot of things will change in the coming days. There are a lot of things that I’ll miss doing on my own but I’m excited to do tons of things with my Baby Mason soon!

But what really got me these past few days are all those attention and care that I am receiving from my friends. I just realized that I do have a lot of friends and all of them are really special to me. I’ve been receiving thoughtful messages and some would even want to see or spend time with me before I go on labor. Of course, even those who are from abroad are communicating and wishing me all their well thoughts. I wish I could see them all! It may seem that I always wanted to go out to show off but really, I wanted to show off how lucky I am to have such thoughtful and caring friends that are willing to spend time with me (and Mason 🙂 )

Currently on my 35 weeks, 5 more weeks and we’ll finally see Mason. My friends are already asking me to inform them once I give birth, they want to see Mason and they want to congratulate me personally and I am feeling really glad about it. It is really nice and I feel blessed that even though I do not have the best Family and Life, atleast I do have and were able to find the best persons in this Lifetime. 🙂

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Birthday Surprise!

I almost thought that my birthday is over already. But the first Monday of my 28th was a bit different. I was at my room until I heard my Mother calling me out. I went down and saw my 2 Childhood friends.. surprising me with Balloons, cake, flowers and a gift while singing Happy Birthday!


Oh they even have party hats! haha and yes, they look younger than me because they are really younger than me. Just around 22-23 years old! The reason that I look young too because I have young friends! haha


I was really surprised and Happy! They said that they have already planned this on my Birthday but saw my post on facebook that I am not at home on my Birthday so they opt to go on Monday. They even showed me a video in which they were preparing for the surprise.

So they brought a cake and I blew them, we ate them afterwards.


The flowers, partyhats and the gift! I opened it and it was a cute maternity blouse, my favorite color blue and polkadots. I wore it just yesterday and got a few compliments.


Milo even joined the party! So cute!


Eversince , they always have a way of surprising me. I do not do much for them on their birthdays but they are just so sweet I want to cry!! I’ll definitely miss them once i move to Bryan’s house.

It is times like this that I realize how lucky I am to have such sweet friends that even though I do not really see them much, they always do the sweetest things ever!