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My labor story

So yes, finally I gave birth after 39 weeks and 4 days! It was one heck of a roller coaster! From the unexpected 2 PT lines to all those morning vomits and nightly heartburn.. I am now holding my baby real time! 

Anyway, lets go back to my Labor Story..hehe! My supposed due date was July 5. So my OB met me on the last Thursday of June at St Lukes BGC since she wont be able to go to her clinic at Our Lady of Lourdes. I was expecting that this will be our last check up before I give birth. She checked and said that I am already 1cm dilated. She advised that I should walk around, have sex or bounce on my pillow chair so that it would progress. However, she also gave me primrose capsule to be taken as well to make sure that my Labor would progress easily and she requested for another BPS ultrasound to check if I still have enough amniotic fluid. The next day (my Last Friday at work before my ML) I went to work to finish some errands and timesheets of my Team, it also gave me the chance to move and walk around.

Come July 1. I havent taken the primrose yet because I forgot to buy it. Anyway, funny thing is since I have not yet taken the primrose, we opt to have an intimate night as advised! (haha!sorry!! this is TMI!) It was 5am of July 2 just right after we did it I felt a surge of urine coming out. I was not able to hold it so it dripped on the floor (Bryan said that it might be my bag of water but I just shook it all off since I really felt that it was just my normal urine). After that we went to sleep. I woke up around 11am feeling a bit of tightness around my belly. When i checked my underwear there was a brownish mucus discharge (was this the mucus plug? I am not sure!) So I did not really put too much attention on that since I am not feeling any contractions.. Yet!

We prepared ourselves to go to The hospital for my Ultrasound. That day, I was also planning to sleep over my Parents house. We got to the Hospital around 2pm and finished around 4pm. I was already feeling some pain and cramps around my lower abdomen. The ultrasound result also showed that I have low normal amniotic fluids so we texted the result to my OB. Still no idea that I will be having labor anytime soon! lol.

Since we were expecting to give birth on Tuesday we decided to go to the grocery to buy some essentials. While shopping I felt that the pain is getting intense and already have intervals. Around 6pm we went to my Parents house. I noticed that the pain around my lower abdomen is then accompanied with the feeling of being constipated. But we went as planned, Bryan went home and I stayed. Around 11pm the pain is getting stronger and the intervals are getting shorter so I messaged Bryan everytime  I feel the pain and asked for google’s help and we thought that maybe this was just False Labor (Do not trust google in such cases lol!) Around 12am I had a poo and  I saw that I have brownish discharged and by 1am the mucus became bright red. We started to become worried and my Mom said that it is already real contractions. Bryan hurriedly went to our house and we texted my OB.While waiting for bryan, my OB advised to go to the delivery room of Our Lady of Lourdes. 

Before going inside the Hospital we opted to eat , thinking that once Im inside, I would no longer be given any food to eat. 2am I was inside the admitting room, they were asking questions, checking my contractions and my baby’s heart rate. By then the resident said that I am at 3-4cm already. Bryan was called and asked to choose and reserve a room as I will be wheeled inside the monitoring area. Everything was so fast, They had me sedated (i felt sleepy but everytime theres a contraction the sleepiness seems to fade) because I keep on howling for pain.They checked again and decided that I must be transferred to the Labor Room.

3am I was in the labor room,screaming for pain! I remember telling them that I could not hold it any longer! They had me epidural and  When I heard   my OB’s voice i felt a bit relieved (or maybe due to the anesthesia?hee) They started to prepare me for labor by telling what to do and cleaning me up. I am no longer feeling the pain and i do not know if i am pushing it correctly but I kept on pushing anyway.

Around 6am.. 6:01 of July 3, 2016 to be exact! I successfully delivered our Little Alex Mason. Bryan was called to cut the cord (lucky! not everyone gets the chance to cut their baby’s umbilical cord!) and while I vomit the last meal I ate before I go on labor. (yep! I vomitted! they even got worried because its dark but i said its just chocolate!hehe) Everything were so fast. From 3am to 6am! When mason came out I was desperately waiting for him to cry and Thank God he did, even louder after being suctioned. He was 6lbs and 13oz.

Btw, Here’s our Little one   


We’re just so thankful that everything went fine. They said that   every pregnancy and labor are different but nevertheless what we always want is the best for our  little ones. Also so glad that our OB is soo good! For those who would want to know, She’s Dra Karen Torredes.

It was such an amazing journey of pregnancy and so glad that my labor didnt take long. The important thing is that We were both safe and sound and back at home. 🙂 

Will post my My breastfeeding journey soon!