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Working breastfeeding Mom

Ever since I became part of the Breastfeeding Pinays group in Facebook (Thank you to my friend who added me 🙂 ), I became aware of a lot of things in terms of nursing, taking care my child and most especially the significance of breastfeeding my son. Although I do not 100% breastfeed my son anymore, I still make sure to religiously breast pump and bring home a bottle of breast milk. For the past 6 months, breastfeeding has really helped a lot especially in our finances and the good health it brings to my son. Hence, my partner and I would really want to continue breast feeding and breast pumping.

When I came back to work, I used to go to the clinic to pump but I realized that it’s a bit uncomfortable since we do not have a lactation room so I need to breast pump in the patient’s room. I feel worried at times because any moment some one might use the patient’s room and will see me breast pump. With this, I settled to breast pump in my work station (my previous work station has a lot of space and I can really pump without anyone knowing). This routine continued until the last day of our stay in the Building. Come December the Company decided to move to a new location. New location means new work station and our new desk style is not same as before thus, I needed to breast pump again in the clinic. from 3 times a day, my breast pumping schedule was reduced to once a day. The clinic has the same area with the old one but now they have two patient’s area but still no chair, provided with only the bed and a table and I was okay with it.

I do not usually discuss my concerns on this but one event made me reach out to our Admin. A screenshot of my email below


I was really disappointed that day that I decided to send an email and express the inconvenienced that the process has caused me.

I am so glad that I sent this email (maybe just a bit late) because just today, I was able to use the new lactation room in our office. I am also very thankful that they were able to take action on my concern swiftly. I reverted an email appreciating their efforts on this. I am happy that with this small act, I was able to contribute to a much bigger value to support all other new and soon to be moms of our company to breastfeed and breast pump 🙂 




Well, Hello 2017

It’s been 6 months since I gave birth and that was the last time I blogged. I missed writing, I missed sitting down and just writing about my thoughts and emotions. It has been a hell of a ride for the last 6 months! I remembered I was about to write a post regarding my Breastfeeding experience but I scrapped that out, I want to write about it once I have weaned Mason (so that I could write about my full experience from start to the end) and definitely not anytime soon.

For the last 6 months I have learned a lot!! A lot means a whole lot of things and events!

Alex Mason came to our Lives. He is definitely the highlight of our 2016. I would not trade him for anything in the world! He is our motivation and inspiration. I realized that it is really true; a lot of sacrifices, hardships and frustrations but every time I see him smile, everything will pop like a bubble and I’m happy again (not now tears!). I look at him and think that it is really difficult being a parent and I cannot be thankful enough to my Parents for bringing me up into this world. I suddenly have a purpose, I felt significant and it’s the best feeling, I tell you!!

There’s a lot of moving too! Our company moved to a new location, hence we need to move closer to my work. Good thing, Bryan and his family has an old Unit in Taguig area, we had to renovate the whole place (tell me more about being broke). It was almost complete when we moved around the same week our company settled in Mckinley area. Our new place is really convenient since almost all the companies are now in Taguig (BGC and Mckinley). Our house still needs some polishing but we’re getting there.

Since the movement, we became independent. We learned to do things our own way, I learned how to cook! I learned how to cook while giving Mason a bath! (never ending multitasking!) We bought a nice washing machine that I am ever so thankful because I do not need to hand wash. Still thankful as well that we have my Mom, every now and then he helps out in taking care of Mason. We are still looking for a  Helper (praying that we’ll find one soon!)

This year’s holiday celebrations were also a bit special. It’s my first time to spend Christmas eve with Bryan’s family and the first time that all of my siblings are in Manila and we get to spend the day before New year’s with them.

2016 is definitely one for keeps! 2017 you have a lot to live up to! 🙂