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Sexless: Pay for pleasure

I was reading a female forum and I found one forum about “Why Men pay for sex?”.

I do agree that Men have a high level of testosterone and Sex is definitely the last thing on their mind. They may not show it but they do think about it every second, every minute with every girl that they see. No one can control anyone’s hormones and mind. I do not believe that there is a sexless marriage or relationship. Well, they may be few but most men would find a way to fulfill their sexual urges even if it doing it with other girls and not the one they love. Just to get off and release the urge. It’s very accessible nowadays, you get online, like online shopping really. Look for girls that you like, hit them up with a message and viola! you are all set!

I have read in https://www.theguardian.com/ that as per survey most men who pay for sex feel guilt and shame. Thought they are unsatisfied, they still continue with their deed. And some say that they feel empowered when they were able to have sex with someone attractive or so. But mostly these act feeds his sexual desires and freedom. No love just pure sexual pleasure.

But on the other hand, we go down to the person’s Morals and Values. It’s true, Men like sex. Period. However, I do believe that the choice will always be based on his morals and values. On how he was brought up and how he sees such circumstances. If he is weak then he can be tempted easily and would succumb to such doings. On our norms, it is still prostitution, illegal and a socially unacceptable behavior. It’s every where, lucky if you found yourself a man with high morals and values that has the right choice and decisions in such cases.



4 thoughts on “Sexless: Pay for pleasure

  1. That was an interesting comment you made on a sexless marriage. I always say that I was in a sexless marriage, which was true for me. However, my husband was not sexless. His choice was not other women, but himself through pornography and compulsive masturbation. He still satisfied his own sexual needs. So, yes, there was sexual activity happening in our marriage, just not with me.

    I do disagree that EVERY man is thinking about sex all the time with every woman he sees. There are men who do not struggle with lust. There are also men who successfully battle lust in their lives and do not see women solely as objects for their pleasure. As you said, it is a choice they make. And some men do make that choice. Not as many as should, but some.

    1. I guess, there is really no sexless marriage, but maybe a sexless partner.
      I think I just generalized men because I based this urge through their hormones, but yes maybe there are men who do not struggle with lust.

      hmmm.. I think I paid more attention in this article with regards to paying for sex but my husband did both he paid for sex and he used pornorgraphy to fulfill his sexual impulses, which of course both his choice.
      How’s your husband now?

      1. My husband is doing much better. He is very intentional in his recovery and utilizing the tools he was given to overcome lust. I have no indication that he is using porn and he says he isn’t. He admits that he still struggles sometimes with lust, but that it isn’t as frequently as it used to be. Also, he has become much more loving and considerate of me.

      2. I think we both based our opinions of men lusting on things we have been reading recently! And we both found things that went along with what we believe, or want to believe. I have been reading a Christian blogger on To Love, Honor and Vacuum that just completed a series on not accepting that men lusting is inevitable. It gave me hope. In your case, you have maybe been looking for explanations of your husband’s behaviour. There is so much information to wade through it can be difficult to know which is helpful and which isn’t. But at least it lets us know we aren’t alone.

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