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my present future

Before all of these things, before the lies and the secrets, whenever I think about the future, I have this picture of a happy, contented and complete family. I was really looking forward to giving my baby a sister or a brother. I was happy and I feel blessed.

But when it all came out, things change and so did I. Marriage is definitely out of talks. I do not see him marrying me anytime soon or maybe marriage may never happen. I started to accept the fact that I do not want to be tied up with someone who cannot be man and mature enough to take my hand in marriage. I begun to see the future with only me and my baby. I am looking at giving up my career and start a homebased job in which I can financially support and look at my son everyday. I started finding new ways to improve myself, my skills and how to increase my savings so that I’ll be ready for his education and my future with my baby.

It’s disappointing to realize that I will never be married and I will never have the family that I wish to have ever again. Everything is tainted. We’re not even at the middle yet but things are already complicated.



3 thoughts on “my present future

  1. Why do you think you will never be married or have the family that you wish to have ever again? Or do you just mean with this man? Because honey, it may not be with this man, but that does not mean your dreams are finished. You are worthy of a man who will love, honour and cherish you, and there is hope for a future healthy relationship. It’s not over for you darling.

    1. I guess overall I lost interest in marriage at all. I am not closing my doors but right now, I just do not believe in it anymore. After all the cheating and betrayals, I think that marriage would not change anything to what happened to me. 😦

      1. You are right, marriage would not change anything of what has happened to you. And it is never the answer to your own health and well being. Another person can never fulfill us. Only we and God can do that.

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