Months have passed..

It is definitely hard to Move on..it will take time but once you started with your self, and how to improve your whole self.. especially if you show him that you can do it without him it may be in terms of emotional, financial or other things then you are on the right track.

Every day I try to move on. If you’ll see us in person, you’ll not see any signs of the past or what happened between us. But really, I am struggling to move on, I always put all my other reasons aside and think of my son. Aside from our last issue, financial issues also came into picture. There are really issues that we cannot control and out of our hands. I realized that we are really two different persons and one must compromise to somehow make everything work. But, until when?

For me, financial concerns, may come and go, you can earn money anytime and anywhere  but the trust and respect especially for our bodies is what sets everything apart and once broken, it really is broken. There are times that I still linger and remember the things that he did with other girls, but what I do is to think more of the things that I should be doing to improve and focus on myself.. recently I learned how to do make up and last July and August I have opened my investment accounts. I am learning now on how to trade in Stocks.

I have too many goals to  achieve and to look forward and I definitely realized that checking out and investing time on those girls that he spent time and money with are just a total waste of time. I’d rather invest on my self and my son..


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Rant: Bring your own plate

Beware this is a rant.

Two weekends ago we were invited to a Luau Birthday Party. Of course, I somehow prepared what my son and partner would wear on that day because we wouldn’t want to look out of place.

Anyway, we left our house at around 4:30 as the event is a 5-9pm party. We did not expect the traffic and unfortunately we spent 3 hours inside the car. When we arrived that’s around 8:30, they are still having their games, we hurried to meet the Mom of the Birthday Girl, said our apologies, gave our gift and greeted them. She said that she was also worried as she heard that the traffic was really heavy. She offered us to go to the Catering section and eat.

I asked Bryan to find a seat and I will get the food. When I went to the buffet section, I noticed that little to no food was left, only a few pasta, left out dishes and no more rice. I asked the waiter or staff for the Plate. He said that there was no more plate. I waited because I thought that maybe he will get a plate for me since there’s still some pasta but to no avail, he did not move at all. After a few minutes, I asked again, and he said that there was no plate available. I hurried to Bryan and asked him to talk to the catering staff because no one seems to assist me.

He came up to me angry and really pissed. He said that no one even tried to help at all. We were very hungry already and no one, not even the one who invited us assisted us. To think we have a baby with us who’s also hungry. Not more than 10 minutes and we decided to go out and eat to the nearest restaurant.

It was a disaster. I do not want to attend to her party ever again. Oh dear, that was a 3 hours commute and we just felt full of shit.