Fresh Air: What the truth feels like

Prior to what I found out months ago. For the past years, I had been feeling doubtful about him, about his feelings for me and mostly about our relationship. I always felt like something is missing, like there is some hindrance or vast of ocean that separates us both emotionally and physically. I have always felt like I’ve been sharing him with somebody or someone, I just do not know it yet..

Even after I got pregnant and we lived together, I had that same feelings and nothing changed until I found out everything.

I do not know when it all happened, but somehow, gradually, one morning, I became calm. I must admit, when the truth came out, now that I have all the details, and after his confessions.. I felt a whole new level of calmness and ease. It is like getting to know him all over again. I started to feel that everything was okay. I no longer have the urge to check his phone, his accounts and what he is doing time after time. I no longer care, doubts have lessen, and I guess, women’s instinct is real.

I don’t know how but finding out about it, right now, there’s a certain feeling of contentment, a fresh air.



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