New year: 2018

2018, What’s in store?

Making yearly goals is something I always look forward to.
And somehow achieving them at the end of the year makes it even more fulfilling.

Unfortunately my 50 questions was not completed, I was pulled in by the holiday rush and all. Well, I can always get back to it when I have time.. hopefully. hehe!

At the beginning of 2017, I only focused on my son, family issues….and other things that I should have not given any fucks at all. But, amidst all of it, I learned an awful lot of things like cooking and other mother stuff.

2nd half of the year, I decided to create a new set of goals and unfortunately due to lack of time and maybe due to my emotional issues, I failed to do most of it like learning how to sew and attending seminars or training.

However, I am very much happy that I was able to start a lot of investment related goals. Last Year, I opened my EIP and UITF account in BDO. I was also able to open my COL account and have started investing/trading on stocks.
Also, although it is a bit late, I was able to open my son’s bank account. Somehow, I am still quite relieve that I was able to do something significant financially from last year.

This year, I would really want to focus on improving myself (skills and knowledge) and also how to have new sources of income.

I do and will always believe in law of attraction, that whatever your dreams and goals are, once you put your mind and heart onto it, everything will come into place to make it into reality and be able to achieve it.

This year, I have a few goals and will start putting them in my cork board so that I will always see and remember what I would like to accomplish this year.
(If you are going to have a goal, may it be a professional or personal goal, ensure to make it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.)

Anyway, here’s some of my goals for this year. Most for 2018 but..some long term goals will also be included.

  • To be able to Start a Life Insurance but more on Investment Plan for Alex Mason by end of January 2017. This is for his future needs (Education and Health). Quarterly payment and through Bank debit (so that it will be less hassle on my part to pay for it)
  • To be able to Learn how to Sew, enroll in a sewing or dressmaking class and complete all the sessions by September 2017. This has been my long time wish to learn how to sew.
  • To Learn How to bake and design icing and fondant cakes by May 2018.
  • To be able to enroll my baby in child fun learning classes or sessions so that he will be able to enhance his communication skills and as a family bonding by November 2018. I should be able to enroll him by the time he is 2 yrs old.
  • To be able to enroll in one or two Skills Training or Online Trainings (Sorry still thinking about what are the specific trainings that I would want to enroll to but I’ll definitely update this one) for management skills and knowledge enhancement by December 2018.
  • To be able to finish all the books that I bought last December and apply them in my daily life by June 2018.
  • To be able to lose weight!!!! Daily exercise and being mindful of what to eat, need to diminish or lessen sweets and other beverages like cola, chocolates and sweetened foods. I need to lose atleast around 5kgs before the start of July 2018. I need to stay healthy for my family.
  • To read atleast one book a day to Alex Mason. Teach him new words and focus on him during playtime. No cellphones!!!
  • To spend more time with Daddy and Mason and have atleast two out of town vacation By December 2018.
  • *long term- To have our very own House and Lot.
  • *long term- To have our own Business, so that I’ll be able to have flexi time and  be with my son all the time

Most of my Goals are about or for my son. I honestly want to be with my son all the time. I know that someday they will have all their time in the world and most of it they would want to spend with friends and girlfriend or boyfriend, but for now, he is my little one and as much as I would want to be give him the best in terms of education, food, shelter and all. I want to shower him with all the love by giving him my time and my affection.

So I need to put my head in the game and be positive that I’ll be able to achieve all of this if not this year, then in the coming months or years.

Oh no…I’m crying.. 😦


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