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23 months

My son will be 2 years old in the next month and I am as ecstatic, nervous but happy at the same time.

I as I have mentioned before, 2 months have gone (after I started my our home intervention) and there’s really some great progress with Mason. I never knew that in just a few days and 2 months, a lot will happen and improve in him. As they said, we should always focus on the things that he can now do and not on the things that he cannot do.

I tried to focus on the things that we can improve and teach him aside from the verbal words itself. I did a lot of floor time with him. I really try to play and teach him new things as much as possible and I teach him a lot of pretend play.

What I liked about Mason is when I teach him new things, he really listens and focuses on doing it (of course, given that he should be in a good mood, not hungry or sleepy or else he’ll throw some shade on me. LOL)

Recently he copies and imitates me while I cook and cop and cut the vegetables and ingredients for cooking. When I ask him for help and shows him the cutting board, he knows that it is cooking time, he gets the cutting board and puts it on top of the table (of course I need to say “put the board on the table” so that he’ll connect the words on the things and actions). When I also hand over the plates, he knows that he needs to put them on the table as it lunch or dinner time. He really helps me out a lot nowadays.

He also knows now where to put all his soaked and dirty clothes, when I say “shoes off”, I still need to gesture it and he will remove them and then I’ll ask him to put it back on the shoe area and he will. Gestures really help a lot and I still need to continuously connect words to the action and things so that he’ll do what is asked without gestures in the long run.

I taught him how to count his fingers, although he still says no words at all except for “ahhhh” when counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 he’ll say “ahhh” instead of 5. And when asked where’s your eyes or where’s mommy’s eyes, he’ll point to the eyes but still needs to work on the body parts more.

I saw him imitate his dad too, he does not like brushing his teeth but whenever he sees his dad brushing, he would try to copy him. Whenever he sees us using the dust pan and broom, he’ll try to do it too.

He can also wave now but someone must initiate first. He likes it when we read books, when I point and say “give me the book” or “lets read a book”, he’ll choose a book and give it to me.

He also completed his summer session with Kindermusik. He’s the most energetic kid and sometimes I get really frustrated and exhausted because of him but it a fun experience for us as a family.

I am looking at this development speech chart about 1-2 years old:

Hearing and Understanding Talking
  • Points to a few body parts when you ask.
  • Follows 1-part directions, like “Roll the ball” or “Kiss the baby.”
  • Responds to simple questions, like “Who’s that?” or “Where’s your shoe?”
  • Listens to simple stories, songs, and rhymes.
  • Points to pictures in a book when you name them.
  • Uses a lot of new words.
  • Uses pbmh, and w in words.
  • Starts to name pictures in books.
  • Asks questions, like “What’s that?”, “Who’s that?”, and “Where’s kitty?”
  • Puts 2 words together, like “more apple,” “no bed,” and “mommy book.”

Looking into this, in terms of receptive language, he can follow one part directions, listens to simple music and stories, points to pictures and point to body part like eyes. Still no progress in terms of the Expressive part, but I am feeling positive that it will come in time since he can definitely understand us now.

But overall, in just a month and these things, I think that he really improved a lot. What do you think?


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