verb (used without object)

toĀ liveĀ togetherĀ as ifĀ married,Ā usuallyĀ withoutĀ legalĀ orĀ religiousĀ sanction.

toĀ liveĀ togetherĀ in anĀ intimateĀ relationship.

toĀ dwellĀ withĀ anotherĀ orĀ shareĀ theĀ sameĀ place,Ā asĀ differentĀ speciesĀ ofĀ animals.


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What it’s like living together without Marriage?

Honestly, nothing much! I think that we go through what most married people go through as well.

We experience the same problems and we deal with similar family issues just like normal couples do.


I have friends who are not married yet but have kids and most of them have the same sentiments. Except for some who personally preferred to live together.

I don’t really worry much about this but sometimes when people tend to say or ask when you’ll get married or they’ll say “you’re next..” I always get a little frustrated.


But let’s be real. There are more cons than Pros in a live-in set up;


  1. You get questioned a lot because you have different surnames with him and your child. Sometimes when you have a preschooler, they would even ask you why you have a different surname. Something too complicated to explain to a child.
  2. You don’t know how to address yourself (Partner? Wife? Girlfriend? Mother of his Child?) in some formal situations or maybe most of the time, there are people who will regard you as not sacred (I don’t know if that’s the word though) maybe because you did not vow spiritually and or constitutionally and
  3. You donā€™t get to have the same security level and legal rights as aĀ  married couple have like having no conjugal properties and other etc..


You’ll definitely feel a lot of limitations but it will still go down on what you have discussed, agreed and communicated with each other.


Les be honest, this is not the ideal set up and this arrangement is not something that we would want to pass on the next generation. Being married or marrying is something wonderful and I know that it is one way of showing your love to one another and that every couple would want to make everything legal and official. It can be a grand wedding or just something intimate, nevertheless, it’s still the union of two in love people.
However, we cannot force anyone to get married, In this time and age, women are given choices, if a girl does not want to get married yet.. and if this kind of situation works for a certain couple then let them be. Marriage is not a security key that you get to ensure that he’ll stay faithful or committed anyways.


Donā€™t judge guys! We are living in the 21st century and I guess not all but some people are already in this situation with or without a child, it may not be what most people prefer but it works for some and lets just respect their choices.Ā  hehehe