Quick Look Through my Month

Whew its been a long since I blogged and I must say I didn’t really miss it.LOL

But I realized one thing, when I write its mostly because I am overwhelmed with feelings (good or bad) that I sometimes cannot contain it, I end up writing about it and it makes me feel relieved to somehow let go of the things that I am feeling. Nothing negative here, it really just shows how writing can make me feel and It helps most of the time.


For the Past Month, I have been super busy. A lot of celebrations happened inside and outside of our family. But, the most memorable one was celebrating Mason’s Third Birthday.

We had prepare a lot of dinosaur things and gifts for him. He had an amazing Three-rex birthday (totally obsessed with dinosaurs!)

He also celebrated his birthday at his School.

Yeap! Nothing grand, just pure happiness and celebration of his life with us.

He has improved a lot!! Even his teacher says this to me all the time. He is becoming very naughty too.

Although some of his actions is really frustrating, he brings too much joy so I end up letting it all go. πŸ™‚


Another thing is, I’ve been saving a lot but I am also in debt!!

Adulting and Parenthood is really not a joke. There are bills everywhere!!!

Just thinking about all those single Moms out there makes me feel sad. I am just so thankful that I have Bryan to share all this financial needs with.

It’s hard to be a Mom and give everything to him (and for myself!) But, I really like to move on from all this debt too. Hmp. I am working on it and hopefully before the year ends, I’ll get back on track.

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