Hello 2020!!

Almost 5 months since my last update and upon opening my WordPress. I found that I have been journaling my life for 8 years now. Happy Anniversary studdedthoughts!!

It’s amazing how time flies but what’s more amazing is how much we have changed. (Think back to 2010—and boom mind blown!!)

But to be honest, I am a bit disappointed with my 2019 self, a lot of my Goals did not come into fruition and I lack the discipline to do them. I got really careless (about money) and stress really took over me especially for the last few months of the year.

Looking back in 2019. Definite highlight would be when I went to Japan!!! Although I did not go with my family, it was something memorable because it’s my first time to go without my son and it’s also my first travel out of the country since I had Mason. One thing that made me really happy and proud would be the accomplishments done by my partner. He was really productive this year and although I lack productiveness. I felt like what he have accomplished is my accomplishments as well so somehow it feels like it is still a win-win situation.

Well, 2020 welcomed me with a BANG!! Like really a Bang of negativity!!! I lost my phone last weekend and this wrecked my budget for the year. I needed to buy a new phone and the hassle and late night thinking got me super stressed.  Although this is not the best way to enter the year I am still looking forward for 2020.

I have a lot of things going on recently (well mostly at work though) but in my mind I have tons of things that I really really want to do.

Thinking about my GOALS.. I would like to focus more on saving enough money, learning how to sew, attending online classes and losing weight. These are the specific Goals that I would like to prioritize for this year.


Wish me luck!!!

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