This is Sew Naiz

So lately I have decided to pursue my passion for sewing. I also finally started to create some items for my sister’s online shop and I honestly feel so pleased with how things are turning out. There are a lot of sellers and online businesses nowadays and I must say that the hardwork that these bakers, cook, craftsmen etc., put into creating their product is no Joke. The incredible feeling of showing and selling your own handmade products really brings out a sense of accomplishment.


I loveee creating and making things. The end result always makes my heart flutter with excitement. Now I know what it feels to sell or to give something that you worked hard for. The most amazing thing here is that I enjoyed doing it. More on this, Sewing somehow helped me to distract my thoughts from the pressing issues that we see on social media nowadays. It makes me think of what style, design or what to cut and how to cut the fabrics instead of dwelling and making myself anxious over things that I cannot really control. And this is exactly what I need now. No pressure Just doing something that you like.


I also share these creations on my Instagram and Facebook and the amount of chats from friends that I received saying that they also what to learn how to sew is really surprising. Some even bought their own sewing machines and I feel so proud that somehow I get to influence my friends into doing and learning something new and unlocking those skills that they have. When I created my @thisissewnaiz instagram account, I find it a struggle to see girls/women who enjoy creating and sewing like me but as I continue, I am slowly seeing that Sewing is not that underrated.


I still have a long way to go before I become someone as experienced as my Mom but this pandemic is a devastating hole that we all experience now and somehow sewing is one of the things that keeps me out of that hole. This pandemic is really taking its toll with our mental health and any kind of productivity can help but you don’t need to feel any pressure, just do what you feel like doing on your own time.

Anyway, What have you unlocked this Pandemic? Is there something you want to learn and do?