Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month

Back then, I didnt know that there’s a month where we acknowledge any pregnancy and infant loss but now, I know.

There’s not much talk about this, even in my feed but, I know there are lots of couples and families who experienced the pain of losing a pregnancy or an infant. And, I am one of them. I lost mine at 5-6 weeks (but I was supposed to be 8 weeks by that time) and until now, It is still hard to look back.

This month, I want to recognize the happiness of being pregnant, the anxiety of the unknown, the agony of losing, refusal to accept and embracing the grief of what’s left. You’ll never know the extent of pain unless you experience it but I would never want this to be encountered by anyone.

As I move on from this chapter of my life, I will always look back and relieve all those emotions I felt, we felt. It opened a door for us to hope again and be stronger.