Gender Reveal or Disappointment?

Yes! I hopped into the trend! We did a Gender Reveal party 🥳 and it was definitely something we didn’t expect.

When I had Mason, we had a baby shower and we thought, might as well celebrate our new baby especially that this is our rainbow.

The gender reveal party was so intimate, we invited only our family members and my best friends helped out in the overall event and it was everything I had in mind.

My best friend, who helped arrange the party and as an organizer she ensured that the decors were in place, they also made an introduction video, communicated with the hosts and my friends became photographers! My heart is so full of appreciation because everything was DIY. It only showed that you can have a celebration without making a hole out of your pockets, and everything will still turn out… Amazing and so much fun!

Before the Gender was revealed, most of them thought it would be a baby girl, in my mind I was rooting for a baby girl but I had an instinct that this will still be a baby boy. But honestly, I am hanging on that tiny hope that this would be a Girl. I even made a list of baby girl names and none for a boy, looking into baby girls clothes and pics just trying to do the #lawofattraction effect.

But Lo and behold, it was another baby boy! My heart stung a bit but he is our rainbow and I couldn’t be thankful enough that finally, Mason will be a big brother soon! I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed because why would I? when in the first place, Our goal is to have another baby so that Mason will have a sibling and because we thought this is the best time to expand our family regardless of the Gender.

Overall, the event even though it was named as Gender reveal, for us it is not just a gender reveal, it is a celebration of Love and Hope. It was so fun And we are all excited to meet the new member of our family 💖