Gender Reveal or Disappointment?

Yes! I hopped into the trend! We did a Gender Reveal party πŸ₯³ and it was definitely something we didn’t expect.

When I had Mason, we had a baby shower and we thought, might as well celebrate our new baby especially that this is our rainbow.

The gender reveal party was so intimate, we invited only our family members and my best friends helped out in the overall event and it was everything I had in mind.

My best friend, who helped arrange the party and as an organizer she ensured that the decors were in place, they also made an introduction video, communicated with the hosts and my friends became photographers! My heart is so full of appreciation because everything was DIY. It only showed that you can have a celebration without making a hole out of your pockets, and everything will still turn out… Amazing and so much fun!

Before the Gender was revealed, most of them thought it would be a baby girl, in my mind I was rooting for a baby girl but I had an instinct that this will still be a baby boy. But honestly, I am hanging on that tiny hope that this would be a Girl. I even made a list of baby girl names and none for a boy, looking into baby girls clothes and pics just trying to do the #lawofattraction effect.

But Lo and behold, it was another baby boy! My heart stung a bit but he is our rainbow and I couldn’t be thankful enough that finally, Mason will be a big brother soon! I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed because why would I? when in the first place, Our goal is to have another baby so that Mason will have a sibling and because we thought this is the best time to expand our family regardless of the Gender.

Overall, the event even though it was named as Gender reveal, for us it is not just a gender reveal, it is a celebration of Love and Hope. It was so fun And we are all excited to meet the new member of our family πŸ’–

2022 Healing Journey

2022 was a healing journey or a year of healing for me. Looking back, we may not have reached our financial goal this year (hayss expensive hospital lab tests), or we may not have achieved grand materialistic things. But we still managed to thrive and get back up amidst the pain and emotional roller coaster and for me it is already something I am thankful for and definitely an achievement for me and my family.

January we got pregnant and lost it within the month. We were in and out of the hospital for the 1st to 2nd month of the year. It was really devastating. Work was also a bit intense.

In March I decided to put my mind out of it and try to regain strength. Thanks to my friends who as always kept me company and we went on a road trip to the north. It was nice to finally be able to travel with friends again.

April and May were summer months and we decided to have a staycation and rest as a little family of three. My son truly had a great time. And also I had my root canal and changed my crowns (hays expensive dental procedures no?!) But On my birthday, it was my son’s little milestone unlocked as it was his first time riding a plane. Our whole family went to Boracay (except my Dad lol) and celebrated my birthday there. It was one of the most memorable birthdays I had in my life. We were almost complete and we were at the beach. I was so thankful for that day.

Nothing much for June as we prepare to try once again for a baby. July was mason’s birthday and I found this cute new restaurant which accommodated us for the intimate event. Mason truly had fun with his cousins. He turned 6 this year.

As for august I tried to use ovulation strips as we thought it is the right time to try again. And lo and behold, in just one try we did it. πŸ™ truly an answered prayer. Our Goal to get pregnant was a success And we were so thankful. (but pregnancy after loss is kind of scary πŸ₯Ί)

But it was a hard first trimester for me. My morning sickness was at an all time high. I was vomiting 5-6 times a day. I just wanted to stay in bed, couldn’t even do the usual chores in the house. And couldn’t even help or assist Mason especially at school. I feel very bad for him as I really have no energy to do anything. I had to turn down a lot of get together and meet up with friends. But the happy thing here is that we also finished our work project hence, I no longer needed to attend calls and meetings and can finally take a rest along with my intense morning sickness.

October was Dad’s birthday and our Anniversary. we were supposed to have a staycation again but because of my bad morning sickness we needed to reschedule. We decided to celebrate Dad’s birthday at a restaurant near our house because I just couldn’t travel far due to my excessive saliva, nausea and vomiting. And luckily I was able to get through the celebrations.

I was sick with colds last November and so again, I just stayed at home. I learned how to finally bid foreclosed units but I just kept on losing. Any tips on how to bid? πŸ˜… but anyways, I’ll just keep on trying my luck. 🀞well at least I have started something and hopefully I’ll win soon. Will definitely keep on bidding next year and will include this in my Goals.

For December, I was slowly regaining energy my morning sickness was reduced to 1-2 times a day but when i am tired it can still spike up to 3 times a day 😣. But we were finally able to have our anniversary staycation, we attended a wedding, able to Eat samgyupsal again after 4 months and Dad was finally able to progress with our shoe and bag cabinet.

Back to our little bean, I can now feel his kicks and we had our anatomy scan and everything looks very well. πŸ™ I was really worried as I am unable to keep anything down my stomach hence, I keep on wondering if our bean is doing fine and getting the nutrients. Thank God our baby is in the expected weight and all organs are well formed and no fetal anomalies found and I am over the moon to know this. Gender is also found but we decided to have gender reveal next year πŸ€žπŸ˜….

Overall, it was a series of ups and downs and what’s important is how we were able to get back up every time we are down physically and emotionally. Amidst my lack of time, Mason is really excelling in school. Thankful as well that all throughout my morning sickness I am working from home hence even more manageable for me. Dad has been a big help as well doing everything inside the house and running errands πŸ₯Ί and lastly, our little bean is kicking and enjoying mommy’s tummy. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°

We still have a few days to go before the end of 2022. I can’t wait for 2023 and the things that we’ll do! I’m sure, with our new baby, we’ll definitely have more inspiration and drive to achieve our goals, hopefully sooner. πŸ™πŸ€—

Here’s the highlight of our 2022 πŸ€—

Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month

Back then, I didnt know that there’s a month where we acknowledge any pregnancy and infant loss but now, I know.

There’s not much talk about this, even in my feed but, I know there are lots of couples and families who experienced the pain of losing a pregnancy or an infant. And, I am one of them. I lost mine at 5-6 weeks (but I was supposed to be 8 weeks by that time) and until now, It is still hard to look back.

This month, I want to recognize the happiness of being pregnant, the anxiety of the unknown, the agony of losing, refusal to accept and embracing the grief of what’s left. You’ll never know the extent of pain unless you experience it but I would never want this to be encountered by anyone.

As I move on from this chapter of my life, I will always look back and relieve all those emotions I felt, we felt. It opened a door for us to hope again and be stronger.

2022 Down Low and High Hopes

My miscarriage story

We welcomed the new year with full of hopes, happiness and excitement!
We found out we’re pregnant exactly Dec 30 and when the clock struck Jan. 1, 2022 we imagined our year to be full of blessings and happiness. We were over the moon!
But, seems like the first month of 2022 is different from what we expected. Turns out, not everything will happen as planned.

I must admit, our physical body is not at its best state. We were tired, especially dad from November to December. A lot of home improvements and work. We were busy.
We were all tired but our hearts were flying with happiness when we found out that we were finally having another child. We started to try just this December, I have irregular cycles so we tried our luck.

When I took the PT, I was in doubt, it was a faint line.. But I couldnt wait to show dad and when I did, I asked him to get another PT just to confirm, and we did, still faint line but we knew it is positive because we really tried and we were decided to have another one.

We bought another one because I am still not at ease seeing a faint line. When I was pregnant with Mason, it was so clear. I knew right away that its going to be mine. But for this pregnancy, seeing a faint line made me feel uncomfortable. I took another one 4 days later and can see another faint line but, line is a lot better compared to the initial ones, after asking a few close friends on what they think about the PT,  I gave up and finally acknowledged that I am really pregnant. ο˜…

Excitement filled our hearts. I called my mom, told my sister and dad, and a few really close friends sharing how happy we are with the pregnancy. We didnt tell dad’s family as we are not that confident yet.
But, things started to Not be in our favor when we started to have symptoms, coughs, colds and I had a fever, turns out we were covid positive. I was really devastated because I am in my first few weeks of pregnancy and I had a fever already. But everyone assured me that its nothing to be worried of since my temperature was not too high and I only had a fever for a few hours and it subsided as soon as I took paracetamol. My OB was also accommodating in answering my queries and prescribing medicines thru chat!!
After a few days or after a week, Mason had fever but he was so active so I didnt worry so much. I still have coughs and it was really irritating. We were advised to isolate and take a RT PCR to confirm.

Just when I thought everything is going better, I started having painful lower back, cramps and spotting (almost like similar to labor pains). I also noticed a blood clot or tissue come out, I sent it to my OB right away and I was prescribed Duphaston and Isoxilan, to relax my uterus and for additional progesterone to support pregnancy and avoid having miscarriage, I was also asked to take a rest. We bought it same night and I took it religiously as prescribed but the cramps and spotting were consistent. I feel it everyΒ  night and the spotting varies from pink, brown, deep red to brown. We waited until end of week for my ultrasound ( We had to wait since we had to follow the 10days quarantine and isolation for mild covid cases)
In my first ultrasound, it showed I was less than 5 weeks, hence no yolk sac and fetal pole yet but as per my OB’s computation I was supposed to be 8 weeks.
Dates were already off so I am starting to feel really negative about this, I had a 40 day cycle last menstruation so its likely that I just ovulated late but as I try to compute as well, even the 40 day cycle doesnt really match, I was supposed to be 6weeks and not less than 5 weeks. I was advised to take another tvs ultrasound in a week. I knew Dad is also stressed although he is trying to look calm, I can feel it and I can see it.
Spotting or bleeding is still progressing, I had deep red color, a few clots and then pink watery discharge are coming out. I had no choice but to wait and read whatever I can find on google.
And whilst I kept myself busy with all these bloody discharge, I noticed my son have rashes on his trunk, neck going to the face. I looked at it and I knew its chickenpox but I dont want to conclude so I gave him antihistamine as dad thought its a simple allergy, After 2 days, rashes are still there getting more pronounced so I asked dad to take him to a doctor for a check up and as confirmed, it is indeed chickenpox. (I already had chickenpox when I was 18years old so I was not as worried and assumed I am already immune). Well, sickness after sickness. πŸ₯΄

Before my second ultrasound, I was provided with prenatal vitamins and new set of medicine for bleeding and cramps. But we opted not to buy everything yet since we are already having doubts of this pregnancy and decided to buy the vitamins after ultrasound. I was also asked to take another RT PCR and finally it was negative, even the antigens we did were negative already.

The second ultrasound was not what I expected but somehow gave us a glimps of what was to come. The gestational sac grew to 5weeks and 2days but still no yolk sac and no fetal pole. The sonographer’s actions also gave it away, she didnt even say a word. She just told me that my doctor should explain it to me. I came out of the room and as soon as I found Dad, I started crying. We knew even before we saw the result. We already knew something is about to end.

Just when I thought that we already had a handful for the day, when I came home, I took a rest for 2hrs, I got up, ate food prepared by mom and started to fix my son’s toys– I was just sitting down and putting lego in a box when I felt cramps and something come out, when I checked, it was a chunk of blood clot? Looked like a chicken liver. And when I saw it, my heart sank! I called dad from the sofa, asked him to check it and told him that I think its over. He hugged and consoled me.

As soon as it came out, cramps subsided. I had milder cramps and more bleeding came like Im having my menstruation with some tissues of blood coming out as well. I dont want to blame the TVs ultrasound or me fixing my son’s toys, it just felt like, it is the sac’s time to come out. Dad had this expression like he already knew what was coming, maybe it is easier for him because he does not feel the physical pain.

I cried, its hard to contain it. I called my mom and told my friends, I have one friend who were also going through the same thing as I am (we had the same lmp date and she lost it at the date of my first ultrasound, 8 weeks for her)Β  and its somehow comforting that I am not the only one. But still we wished everything turned the other way.. the emotional pain is more than the physical pain that we feel.

After all the signs that pointed to miscarriage. I feel like I was still not prepared to go through this. My Ob advised to wait and observe as more discharge will come, seems like she is trying for a natural miscarriage. There I was sitting, having cramps and bleeding and the more I feel it, the more I feel the pain of losing.
Some may say that its good because it was gone early but it really doesnt matter, it may be weeks or days or months but a miscarriage is a miscarriage and losing a part of you is both emotionally and physically painful.

Everything happened in a span of 3weeks. We found out we’re pregnant and lost it. Almost like I just had my menstruation and not miscarriage. If I didnt take PT, I may have just thought I was having a very long menstruation but I would have still tapped my OB on that unusual cycle and I will still find out about it. Just not sure how I would take it from there.

Early pregnancy Miscarriage happens more frequently than many people think. That’s why I decided to share this experience and to reach out to anyone experiencing or had experience this, letting you know that you are not alone. Some may just decided to mourn privately but it is out there.The physical effects can last for several weeks, but the emotional effects and trauma, which are seldom discussed, can be long-lasting and difficult.

It may only be days, weeks or months but no matter how long or short, a miscarriage is a loss and it ia painful. I wouldnt ever wish it to anybody who longs to have a child. I didnt even think it will happen to me. My first pregnancy was not as smooth but it was what I had in mind, getting to 9 months and giving birth to a healthy child.

Right now I had lots of things on my mind, how long will I wait for this to end? Will I ever be pregnant again? Will this happen again?
I am scared, worried but still hopeful. For now, I’ll just squeeze my cheeky 5 year old in my arms and fill him with smooches.

To our little bean, I know you tried to progress but its okay love, thank you for making us feel another magic of love even for a very short while πŸ™‚ Im a much stronger momma now because of you. 😘

Psalm 139:13-16

“For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, And my soul knows it very well.”

I found this link helpful in understanding possible causes of miscarriage at 6-8weeks:

Define Success

What is success for you? We all strive for success but what does it really mean to us when we talk about success?
There can be different notions of success but I guess the most common definition of success is when people see it on the outside. Not just how you look but what you were able to build and achieve over a long period of time.

Most people tag success as someone who is a manager, boss, has a car, a house and lot and someone who is financially wealthy.
Someone who owns somethings expensive, a business or even someone famous.

But lets not forget that we make our own definitions of success, we can also create goals that does not include money or fame. Oftetimes we forget that this is not all and that there is something beyond these statutes, wealth and rewards. Sure there are a lot who aims to be rich or famous but these people usually end up being more miserable because of greed and selfishness.

It is sad to know that we live in a world where someone’s importance is measured in what he or she has achieved in life and not looking into what the person has gone through and what is the genuine goal for this. Honestly, if you define professional achievements, financial wealth and fame as success then you are living in another person’s perspective. This is everywhere, especially on social media, and seeing these posts, alters our mind into thinking and setting up that these is what success looks like.

Success is more than just the money and fame. Success is also when youΒ  stop comparing yourselves to other people. Success happens when you follow your passion. Success can also be overcoming self doubts, saying yes and no to the right things, getting back up after a failure, happiness, getting and giving respect, having time, showing up and even being with someone you love.

Its not bad to aim to be wealthy, famous or be professionally respected, especially if this is how you would want your “success” to be defined like everybody else. But just remember that there are more definitions of success that you can think of and you should not be trapped in a box of these wonders. Look out there and you’ll see that beyond these accolades, what’s more important is what you feel inside. πŸ˜‰

Looking back, I realized that this desire for β€œsuccess” was nothing more than the manifestation of insecurity about my sense of self and place in the world especially as a young adult. And now that I am a parent and older, I can say that my definition of success really changed.
What about you what is your definition of success?

Mental Health

Mental health awareness month!

Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.-WHO

There are many factors that could affect our mental health, stress, Poor physical health, reaction to an incident, trauma, social disadvantage and even genetic factors.

I have always been the emotional one.
I react easily to situations and most of the times, I overeact.πŸ˜‚ Even before Mason, I am already a worrier, always anxious and a negative self talker. A person’s mental health starts from childhood and it is nurtured as he/she grows. One of the things that I remember when I was a child is definitely the weekly conflict of my parents (they adore each other so much but they always have these petty quarrels that often turns into a big deal) I got used to my Dad’s reaction to things and possibly why I unconsciously corresponded to this character too.
I could go on with lots if issues that I had experienced (I think, I blogged a lot of them here too, just scroll way back) But, dont get we wrong, my child hood was not that bad, it was chaotic but full of love. My parents are super sweet most of the time especially to me (syempre bunso πŸ˜‚) I think that all these ordeals good or bad, and how I was able to overcome everything, makes up my emotional well being now. But honestly, I am still learning and experiencing new things.

There are ways to take care of our mental health such as, getting help from professionals when needed, connecting with others, getting involved in physical activities, helping others, getting enough sleep and staying positive that there is a way out. For me, one of the things that really helped me is by writing it all down! Up to this day, writing no doubt will always make me feel better (hence this very personal blog). Writing everything helps me to be more aware and attuned to the things that makes me so stress and things that I cannot control. Aside from writing, family and friends are my next go to. My partner is not a pessimist like me so I guess it helps to have someone who can pull me out of my cynicism. And of course, friends who listen never fails too. One experience has really drained me and I once needed a counselor to manage my stress (yes don’t be afraid to consult and to find help). I have been trying to explore things daily that will help me calm down without putting too much pressure on myself too.

This pandemic has affected so many people in so many ways like loss of job, social limitations, social media pressure and the covid scare itself. Ive seen people feeling more agitated, more stressed, more restless, and more sleepless. (Me included! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€)Β  If know someone who feels this way, (even you!) dont forget to connect and reach out. πŸ€—

And before this month ends, I just want to share this quote
β€œAnything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” β€” Fred Rogers 😘

Quarantined Birthday

Last year, it was just a very intimate birthday with my fam. No one really knew what will happen, so it was Just the three of us. This year was no different. It was yet again another quarantined birthday for me. We didnt plan anything same from last year and we just thought of a very simple lunch.

Our usual birthday celebrations during the pandemic would consist of: ordering grab food, taking family picture, praying for aNother blessed year ahead and  finally sharing the food together.

Nothing special really, but this quote I found online days before my birthday..

“It has taken awhile, but I certainly do know it now ­­– the most wonderful gift I had, the gift I finally learned to cherish above all else, was the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days.”
-Katrina Kenison

Made me realized the gift of having these perfectly ordinary days. The perfect days where we pray and cherish the most treasured thing we have which is each other.
I honestly didnt expect anything, just the thought of celebrating another blessed year ❀ made me feel hopeful already for the days ahead.

But, I was really touched when I started receiving all these gifts and food from my friends and fam. My perfectly ordinary day turned into an overabundance kind of day. My heart was really full and I just couldnt put into words how grateful I am with all these love that I have received. They even connived With my partner to surprise me and it really worked, I just cant put my head that even though I can’t see them, they made it a point to make me feel so very special in their life In the midst of a pandemic.

Most of my friends, bestfriends and my sister live abroad now. Although I only have a few friends here now, my friends from afar never really forgets and I am  over the moon to know that the distance didnt really matter as long as you Know that you will always have each other in your heart. πŸ₯°

One thing is in my mind right now and its to pay all these blessings forward and share this overflowing warmth that I felt.


Our home

I have been seeing a lot of House upgrades all over the internet!! And dont let me get started!! πŸ˜†

Anyway, It has been a year (but feels like forever already!) And we are still on quarantine!!! πŸ₯΄
I can still remember one of President Duterte’s  “Ikot ikot lang muna kayo sa bahay” suggestion and then of course, A lot of meme came out and you can see these tiktoks and pictures making their own interpretation 😁. But, indeed the longer the quarantine, the more we realize that we have been neglecting our houses all along (may it be rented or owned)

One year of pandemic and we’re all still looking at the same old ceiling and walls of our houses. 😣
Until, a group on facebook introduced us on ways on how to improve, upgrade and revamp our whole household.
I think, I found this group when I was scrolling thru instagram and followed a specific hashtag about home decors. And unexpectedly followed one of the admins of the said group. I got curious on her posts and started to look it up on facebook.
I must say it was really inspiring but I am lying if I say that I didnt feel any tinge of envy on how their houses looked like.
Almost all members of this group are from the upper middle class to rich class and you cannot really unsee how big and neat their houses are (Muji style everywhere!!) But credits to this group as it also served its purpose well which is to distract ourselves from the whole pandemic anxiety.

But as much as it helped in lessening our anxieties, to some it can be quite stressful too. Looking at these houses on the group, makes you feel a bit frustrated but the more you focus on those feelings, the more it can pull you down. Tell me more about it! 🀣

Then I remembered how we got here and the time we moved  in our old 2 bedroom unit. That time, Mason has just turned 5 months! We didnt plan everything, everything went by so fast. When we got pregnant, we had no idea on what will happen next. We were just trying to go with the flow. My partner and I have nothing to start with and we’re Not mature enough, we just want to make everything work. 😣

But then, as you know, I got pregnant, we had no choice back then but to stay at their house. I honestly felt very restricted and I am not comfortable living with his family while having to deal with pregnancy and newborn issues with limited control and space. Girl… I didnt even know how to cook and fold clothes properly!! 🀣
We started to have some misunderstandings too because I noticed how he was trapped into doing two things at the same time which is taking care of us, our son and at the same time attending to his family’s needs. It was a really stressful time for us.

Then, a magical plot twist happened ( you know when the universe helps you out to make it happen?! I guess this was it on my end! πŸ˜‚) Our company decided to move South and… Lo and behold, this unit that they own was located in the south just one jeepney ride from the Company’s new place.
He talked to his dad about our plans of moving out and to the south we go!! ο˜…
We only had 1 month to renovate the whole place. From the first unit owner to the last renter, the place has not changed at all. A lot of things needed to be fixed and we had very limited time to revamp the place. We didn’t even had any budget for this since I just gave birth, had Mason’s christening and this was not in our initial plan. But, thankfully his dad offered to help us out too.
During that time we didnt know anything about house decors, color palettes, themes etc. We were busy juggling work and going back and forth to help fix the unit and I had to take care of our son. So fast, It was a blur. I just remembered him asking me what color of the walls I want and the vinyl etc., we just wanted to move out as soon as possible because of the work location and to finally have a sense of having our own place.

From the time we moved, we bought anything that we need (some items were also hand-me downs from my sister, they decided to move to another country so some of our items up to this day is from them)..not really caring about will this match to…this or that?! who cares right?! 😁

Years passed, we got busy at work while taking care of Mason (no yaya! Just my mom helping us!) and we just got used to everything as we were living fast paced.

I guess just like everyone else, in this pandemic, we started to notice our house more. We Saw some items that needs fixing, we noticed we have a lot of clutter and we Dont have a lot of storage (which is an essential, especially if you live in a condo) and with these groups on facebook that shares some DIYs and How tos, ( thank goodness dad is into wood working!) we are getting some inspirations from them and slowly doing some changes and updates on our little place too.

Although a big house is nice. I think, this place is just right for us for now. The location is just chef’s kiss 😘 and we wouldnt want it any other way plus it is ours, our first home! This is where we had all our firsts as a family.
Having our own house and lot is one of our long term goals and I am sure this 2 bedroom Home will help us reach our dreams someday!!😍

I am Grateful

Saw this post again from selfcarespotlight on Instagram and thought I would do and list down these gratitude prompts 😊

It has been 9 months since the first lockdown and we are still under community quarantine and with year 2021 still a blur. These past months, I had more anxiety attacks and my mood has been fluctuating. And although I have been very down most of the time of the year, I always make it a point to feel thankful and blessed.

Okay, so lets start with the Person I am glad to have in my life. Honestly there are a lot of them but to narrow it down to just one person, I think my partner gets all the credit. I am just so thankful to have my partner in my life. Moms who had it tough this year, frontliner moms, post partum moms, pregnant moms and single moms and work from home moms like me..and to have a partner by my side supporting and helping me throughout is a gift. If there is anything, I totally think that our relationship has grown and we bonded more since I am at home with him and our son.

I am just excited for the upcoming holidays. Having a child with you on Christmas and New years day is ten folds the happiness and I cant wait to celebrate the Holidays with the rest of the families. I hope and pray that we’ll be safe and sound even after the holidays. I am also looking forward for 2021, there’s a saying “new year, new you” and I think most people use the new year to come out of and have a clean slate. Its like another opportunity to get things right and new year brings hope to everyone.

There’s not really any specific positive news that I have for our family have lately but I think that us being healthy and complete as we close 2020 is already something good and positive and should always be thankful for. Another thing is having to keep our jobs amidst the pandemic. Losing jobs in this difficult time is truly devastating and I just cant imagine what Could happen to us and our families. Always grateful.

If there’s a particular memory that will always make me smile its definitely the last time that me and my partner put on an all nighter and talked till sun up. We reminisced and looked back 5 years ago to what we have now. It’s amazing to see that all our personal goals have come into fruition. Although Our long term goals are still ongoing, I am sure we’ll achieve it as long as we keep our eyes on the target.

My favorite part about the Holidays is when I see my child beaming with happiness. When we celebrated NEw year’s eve, Mason suddenly blurted, “thank you for the celebration Momi, I loveyou!” Huhu.. Oh My heart!! Definitely seeing him being so happy and thankful for these little things is my favorite part of the Holidays.

I think, I should make another post about this but for the mean time, I hope 2021 brings light and hopefully be virus free for everyone.

Kindness 2020

For the past months I keep on seeing a lot of acts of kindness posts. I am not the kindest person but I do get a little empathetic towards situations and people at times too.

This year has been extra hard not only for me but for everyone. Not in my lifetime have I imagined that this will happen and to add to this pandemic there were a lot of other political, mental and natural disasters that happened and it has taken a lot of our emotions into a roller coaster ride.

But amidst all these, I always feel awe whenever I see simple acts of kindness whether in person or online (but mostly online since I dont really go out) these little sparks of kindness can really go a long way. And one movie that always comes in my mind whenever I see these stories is “pay it forward” a movie from Year 2000.

The movie’s tag line is “whenever someone does you a favor, dont pay it back, pay it forward”. If you havent watched this movie, then you should. Trevor(the boy main character) does a favor for three people, asking each of them to “pay the favor forward” by doing favors for three other people, and so on, along a branching tree of good deeds. Imagine if we all do this, (passing kindness around)I bet the world will be somehow easier to live in.

I think paying it forward is a good act to teach a child. It looks simple but the impact is truly be remarkable.

What are your simple acts of kindness experiences during this pandemic?